Banks, Peter. Album one


Banks, Peter. Album one


134 items. The album contains pictures taken at RAF Methwold and Feltwell, Battles in France as part of the RAF Advanced Air Striking Force in 1940, 2 Group target photographs, and Venturas and Photographic Reconnaissance Unit Spitfires. There are also a number of aerial photographs of cities and targets in the Ruhr and the Low countries taken at low level during a sightseeing Cooks tour after VE Day.


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James Banks
Head and shoulders portrait of Flight Sergeant James Banks wearing tunic with medal ribbon and side cap.

Watergate Bay, burning Wellington and trophies
Top left an aerial incline photograph of cliffs and beach. On the left side cliffs and beach border the sea. In the centre a small village in a valley leading down to the beach. To the right open farmland. Caption 'Watergate Bay Nr…

Aerial inclined photograph of a Ely with cathedral in the centre. Two parallel roads curve from bottom right round the church to top left. Buildings lie between the roads and above the church. At the top open countryside.

1st Exp Kodacolor
Two images showing indecipherable features. Caption on first '1st Exp Kodacolor'.

Introduction of Kodakcolor X 1941/1942
Account of problems of accurate bombing, introduction of pathfinders and use of marker flares. Relates use of cameras and photo-flash to obtain aiming point pictures. Goes on to talk on the introduction of colour film by attaching pieces colour film…

Unexploded bomb in an excavation
Three views of an excavation with wooden shoring getting closer with each shot. In the first view a rope ladder is attached to the side of then laying out to the left of the drain. In the second an object can be seen at the bottom. In the third the…

Christmas at RAF Feltwell
In the foreground bushes and small trees with branches covered with snow/heavy frost. In the background parts of buildings are visible. Caption 'RAF Feltwell, Norfolk xmas 1944'.

Royal visit to RAF Methwold and partially unexploded bombs
At the top Queen Elizabeth accompanied by a group captain pilot in tunic with peaked cap walks between two ranks of Royal Air Force personnel on parade. In the background Venturas. Caption '1943 Methwold'.

In the middle are two views of case of a…

RAF Feltwell
Aerial vertical photograph of a grass airfield. Pentagonal shaped grass airfield in the centre. Hangars and station buildings in the bottom right corner of airfield. Dispersal at top left and track to off airfield bomb dump on the right of airfield.…

RAF Station Feltwell
An aerial vertical photograph of a grass airfield. Airfield is in the centre. A curved line of four hangars are at the bottom of the grass on the right. There is another hangar underneath the left hand of the line and station building are in the…

37 Squadron Wellingtons
Top air-to-air view of two Wellingtons in silhouette one below the other flying right to left. Clouds below.

Middle an air-to-air view of a Wellington D-LF N2992 showing ventral dustbin turret, with open countryside below.

Bottom an air-to-air…

Feltwell village
Top an aerial vertical photograph of a village. Two roads lead in from the left joining a circular road running round the village. Roads lead off top and bottom right.

Middle an aerial inclined photograph of a diamond shaped aircraft dispersal…

Unit inspection
At the top a group of aircrew on parade being met by senior officers. On the right six non-commissioned aircrew on parade facing left. The second man from the left is shaking hands with a group captain in front of him. A wing commander stands behind…

Unit inspection
At the top two sergeant pilots stand to attention. To their right three senior officers including a group captain and a pilot wing commander are talking to a serviceman obscured behind them.

At the bottom a officer on the right is shaking hand…

Group of aircrew
A wing commander pilot stands on the right wearing tunic and peaked hat with hand on hips. To the left a sergeant pilot wearing tunic and side cap. To his left a further sergeant pilot wearing battledress and side cap. In the background several more…

Groups of servicemen
At the top two airmen carry a sergeant pilot on their shoulders down a road towards the camera. Five other servicemen air and ground personnel accompany them. In the background left a van and a civilian. Background right a building.

At the bottom…

Scenes from France including Battle aircraft
Across the top four photographs of French countryside. From left to right: multistory building at the rear of a field with trees including three prominent poplars in the background; an open field with trees in the background. In the centre smoke from…

Scenes from France
Top left a horse drawn cart with a woman and children aboard stands by a roadside. A man stands to the right of the rear wheel. In the background trees.

Top right an airman kneeling stroking a baby goat with his right hand and smoking a cigarette.…

Scenes from France
Top left a convoy of lorries parked on the right side of a tree lined road. In the distance a group of people are gathered round the rear a lorry.

Top right a serviceman standing in the rear of a lorry serving food to a group of six men, some in…

Personnel travelling in France
Top left in the background a line of trucks parked on the roadside under trees. In the foreground a group of airmen some sitting eating and some standing under trees.

Top right group of four airmen on a river bank or lakeside framed by…

Group of airmen in front of a building
Airmen in a group some in tunic and some in shirt sleeves in front of a building. Twelve are sitting on a wall or standing in front and the rest on a raised area behind pillar and hedge. Three in front wear steel helmets. In the background terrace…

James Banks French pass
French pass for Corporal James Henry Banks authorising route Essey Nancy in military vehicle. Signed with b/w photograph of corporal Banks in uniform in bottom right hand corner.

Church in France
A church tower in the background is framed by trees on either side. In the foreground a stream with bridge and sluice gate. Caption 'France 1940'.

Thirteen airmen at RAF Farnborough
Thirteen airmen in two rows, front sitting rear standing dressed in tunic and peaked caps. In the background a brick building with two windows. Airmen are annotated with number 1 to 13 underneath each. Note attached 'RAF Farnborough 5/6/36 "Monty"…

The King of Iraq's aircraft
On the first page a front quarter view of a Spartan Executive 7W aircraft parked on a hard-standing pointing left. There is a small crown painted on the door. Caption 'King of Iraqs a/c, unlocked by F/Lt Hill ind coopealsop, Beer wagon to…
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