Caen Carpiquet airfield



Caen Carpiquet airfield


On the left an aerial vertical photograph orientated with east at the top. On the left side of an airfield with a single runway 13/31 running from bottom left towards the centre. A perimeter track runs round the airfield. At the top is a square built up area and to the right side aircraft dispersal with a small number of aircraft and small hangers. To the right side of the photograph is farmland with fields.

On the right an aerial vertical photograph showing the whole of an airfield on the left side and open farmland on the right. The photograph is orientated with heading 150 degree at t he top. A single runway 13/31 runs slightly angled from centre towards top left. The airfield has a perimeter taxiway which runs all the way round. At the top left is a square built up area. On the right side of the airfield is a dispersal area with hangars. On the left side of the airfield a two taxiways lead off the perimeter. The top one has dispersal areas spurred off it. The bottom one leads across a public road and has off airfield dispersal pans spurred from it.

Captioned 'Caen Carpiquet (Aero)'.

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