Rotterdam and Dieppe



Rotterdam and Dieppe


On the left an aerial vertical photograph showing a city with a river running through from left to right with port facilities on both sides. On the far side of the river towards the left is a small indented water basin with a few ships moored. Leading off from the near side of the river on the left is a large basin with three docking areas divided by two moles. On the same side of the river to the right is a large basin leads off the river then down towards the bottom right. Captioned 'Rotterdam'.

On the right an aerial vertical photograph of a beach with small town. The shore runs from bottom left diagonally towards top right. An open beach with four groynes and part of a fifth leads to open ground on the left and a built up area with a sea wall on the right. The open area has sand dunes and signs of construction. Behind both of these is a narrow strip, possibly a canal beyond which are more built up areas and open fields. Captioned 'Invasion Defences near Dieppe'.




Two b/w photograph mounted on an album page


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“Rotterdam and Dieppe,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 26, 2022,

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