Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife



Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife


Relates trip to London and describes show at the Palladium and tea at the Canadian Beaver Club. Mentions some damage to buildings in London. Writes that that he has found an old toy engine at his billet for his son David. Talks of troops scheduled for embarkation and catches up with family memories.




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Six page handwritten letter


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R.A.F. Kenley
25th Feb 1942
Many thanks for your Sundays [sic] letter received to day. [sic] It is good to hear that are are [sic] reasonably well, but you did not mention anything about David and the specialist Yesterday was my day off but I was unable to get to St Albans, because I did not get away until noon. So instead I went to London, and had a spot of “Gangway” at the Palladium. You would have loved it the whole show was fine But! It is certainly Tommy Trinders show, The others were [underlined] all exceptionally good [/underlined] but he outshone the lot. Despite the war & everything there were some marvellous
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dresses & scenes though perhaps the quality of the material used was not quite up to the old west end standard.
Tommy Trinder started it by explaining that George Clark had bought 1000 yards of lovely silk to dress the cast in but the government had commandeered the lot to make kit bags for “FANNYS” I am enclosing the programme. The boy that came with me had never seen a West End show before, he simply rolled.
We had tea at the Beaver Club (The Canadians over seas club). It was the smashingest [sic] meal I have had for some time There was Potatoes Mashed with Parsley, Lettuce, Chopped cabbage & Beetroot with tinned pork and for sweet I had baked egg custard and a large cup of coffee & [underlined] Cream [/underlined] all for the magnificent price of
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½. In peace time a meal like that would have cost 2/- & would not have been served up any more [sic] daintily.
We did not have much time to have a big look round but, we went to the strand Regent st [sic] Oxford St & Piccadilly & the only damage now visible was where the Gas Light & Coke offices [deleted] of [/deleted] used to be opposite Drages. “ It aint [sic] there anymore” If get up to town again I shall have a look around St Pauls & Ludgate hill. There is a lot of Damage up there I believe. Oh! We went into St Martins in the Fields crypt. One Part of it is Shelters another is a W.U.S. canteen which was also very good.
I have not yet heard from Wyrley [deleted] yet [/deleted]. I hope they are keeping as well as possible. I must write for my watch to be sent from there.
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Whilst Rumaging [sic] about in the Garage at our billet I found a Model Steam engine which I have [underlined] “borrowed” [/underlined] It is a bit old for D yet but his grandad can set it going for him [corrected] too [/corrected] show him how it works. It works with “Meth”. Also some [underlined] good [/underlined] toy wagons (Ry) & a Clockwork engine Chassy [sic] that is extremely good & powerful. May be his Grandad could build him an engine onto the Chassy [sic].
I am glad to hear that you have got Mr Lumer to get a prue [sic] for the furniture I would see if any other firm could give you a price by Road as well.
All the chaps who are on this embarkation stunt have been taken off work today & we have just got to stand by. I think it is a mad idea myself
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because Chaps have been sent back by the dozen from embarkation centres because they are not ready for them and have nothing for them to do there.
Oh! I was thinking of Dad & you spend a holiday in London with me one February? When I was in Town yesterday I did wish you were there it would have been quite like old times Although I had a nice time I was missing you all the while. It is funny when ever I have a nice time like that it lingered with a feeling of incompleteness because I cant [sic] share it with you I wonder what it is that [deleted] that [/deleted] makes you so necessary to me? I never though I would ever miss [deleted] every [/deleted] anyone like I miss you darling? And as you say after 5 yrs [sic] of Legal partnership
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I remember reading somewhere some years ago that it was impossible to love a person to the same degree always, but the love either [corrected] diminished [/corrected] or increased as time [deleted] when [/deleted] went on. I can understand it now too. I had better close now my love before I get to [corrected] sloppy [/corrected]. I dont [sic] think I really could though somehow.
So heres [sic] all my love darling for you always.
Yours Ever



Ian Archer Wynn, “Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11683.

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