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23 men and women in front of and on two vehicles. On the reverse is a post it with EW=3R 2 row

A group photo of 40 men and women arranged in three rows flanked by MT vehicles.
Underneath each individual is named.

Two are standing inside and the other lounging on the outside of an airfield runway caravan.

Two photographs of a Hucks starter vehicle. The first is the vehicle with a crew of three. The second is the vehicle linked to the propeller of a Bristol F2B Fighter. On the reverse 'Remember the old Huck starter?'

Left - convoy of military lorries on road through tented camp.
Right - a group of airmen standing behind a truck, with some others climbing onto it. Vehicle parked in street with buildings in the background.

Left - a line of lorries with RAF roundels parked at the side of a road with trees in the background. Two men standing by the rearmost lorry.
Right - an airman wearing battledress leaning against a lorry with RAF roundel.

Top left - view across open space or a church with the rear of a truck on the left in the foreground.
Top right - view of a church with vehicles parked outside at the front and trees behind.
Bottom left - view over a convoy of trucks going down a…

Top left - a large pile of destroyed German aircraft in a field in front of a destroyed hangar.
Top right - entranceway of a large columned building with 'RAF' inscribed above with pedestrian and cyclist in the foreground. Captioned 'Landestheatre…

Left - view of castle with round tower captioned 'Das Schloss, Detmold'.
Top - view of street with destroyed buildings. Captioned Detmold, June 1945'.
Bottom - view of gateway with truck driving through and people outside. Captioned 'RAF station,…

Two airmen, one on the right wearing tunic with brevet and sergeant rank, the one on the left wearing battledress and smoking a cigarette sitting on bombs on bomb trolley under a Halifax.

Front quarter view of a Halifax parked on an airfield. A petrol bowser is parked in front of the port wing and there is a step ladder by the starboard inner engine.

Five airmen sitting on the ground in the shade from the rear fuselage of a Halifax. There is one bomb trolley under the port wing and another under the bomb bay. Step ladders and maintenance platforms in front of the port wing.

Side view of Halifax MZ540 PT-H parked on dispersal. Part of another aircraft in the background right. A bomb trolley and bicycles underneath the fuselage.

An airman is guiding a bomb being winched up into a bomb bay. A bomb trolley on the right and bicycles behind.

An armourer guiding a bomb being winched into a bomb bay. Another airman stands to the left and part of the bomb trolley is visible on the right.

Two pages, the first has four photographs the first showing two graves captioned 'Enschede'.
The second showing an industrial steam engine, captioned '?'. 'Berlin, Burma, Blighty' and 'V4' are painted on the side.
The third has an Air Force lorry…

Photograph of a piloted V1, although it is captioned as 'V.3.' , a newspaper clipping from the Daily Mirror containing a readers recollection of seeing a piloted V1 at Celle immediately post war.
A second photograph is of damaged German tracked…

Three photographs of Armstrong Whitworth Atlases.
#1 a port side view
#2 two airmen shaking hands at the front of an Atlas
#3 a port side view of an Atlas with a Hucks Starter vehicle at the front.

A large group of airmen in a mixture of battle dress and flying gear with parachute harnesses and Mae Wests kneeling and standing in front of three crew busses.
97 Squadron aircrew at RAF Woodhall Spa waiting to join their aircraft to fly to…

Top - painting of a Lancaster being bombed up. Captioned 'Winter of 43 somewhere in England. by David Shepherd'.
Bottom - photograph - view from above of a Lancaster with Spitfire and Hurricane on either wing over sea. Captioned 'Memorial in Flight,…

A Halifax with several ground crew at work on and around it. Information supplied with the collection states 'CH10434 - Working on a Halifax 23 Jun 43'

Arthur Standivan's permission to ride one of the unit's motor-cycles.

A large group of aircrew standing around various items of equipment on the ground, including two pigeon boxes, parachutes and a navigator's bag. A bus and a truck in the background.
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