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Two images of a Hawker Hurricane taken at different angles. The bottom right photograph shows the Hurricane outside a hangar.

The top two photographs show hangars and accommodation blocks, while the bottom photograph shows another building at Bricham Newton.

Servicing wing of 463 and 467 Squadrons Royal Australian Air Force photographed at RAF Waddington in May 1945. Personnel are photographed in front of a Lancaster.

A group of 15 servicemen in uniform stood on the grass with a hangar behind them.
The reverse reads "2r br".


The group of men is arranged in six rows in front of a hangar. It is captioned '1941 Either 11 OTU or 12 Squadron Binbrook. Sgt AE Cosgrove RAFVR 968259 (3rd row from top, 6th from right)'.

The nose of a Canberra with a hangar and the Rock, behind.


Two airmen in a hangar. On the left is Don Evans on the right is air gunner, Roy Montague.

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A large group arranged in five rows in front of a hangar.

Two Wellingtons with crews leaving. Behind are hangars. On the reverse '1939 149 Squad' and a photographer' stamp.

A group of 26 operational training unit airmen, of which 19 are standing behind seven seated in front of hangar doors. All are bare headed and sergeant stripes can be seen on 13 individuals. All have aircrew brevets on their uniforms.


A group of officers and airmen in khaki at an informal meeting at the entrance to a hangar. In the centre of the group is a senior officer. In the hangar is a Hudson.

The crew of seven under the nose of their Lancaster JB663 ZN-A, 'King of the Air'. On the nose is an eagle and a large number of operations recorded. In the background a bicycle and a hangar.

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Six photographs from an album.
#1 is a group of trainees.
#2 is two airmen and a Canadian man.
#3 is airmen grouped in three rows in front of a hangar.
#4 and 6 are a loose group of trainees in front of a wooden building.
#5 is a man in a white…

An oblique aerial photograph of RAF Coningsby. On the left identifiers '22' and '26' are visible on tarmac runways. At the top are five hangars and seven camouflaged aircraft parked outside.

Identification kindly provided by David Parker of the…

Four airmen including three pilots standing in front of a hangar, huts and water tower. On the reverse is handwritten '5' and '277'.

1. A Mess bar, with low tables, chairs and a long wooden bar.
2. Four airmen in uniform, posing together. Behind them stands a hangar, a water tower and some low buildings.
3. Some low buildings on a military base. There are some small trees and a…

Seven aircrew standing in front of a Lancaster, squadron letter K. Hangar in background. Captioned 'Kindest regards from crew of 'K''. On the reverse a skull and crossbones and 'in memory of a tree & a pair of torn pants R. Aird. Engineer, M/U…

Three photographs mounted on a page.
Top: Approximately 200 airmen seated and standing in six rows in front of a Lancaster which is in front of an open hangar. Captioned: 'No. 166 SQUADRON R.A.F STATION, KIRMINGTON. May 1945'.

Bottom left: Eight…

An RAF standard party on parade at RAF Waddington bearing the 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn standard. Present is a lady dignitary and a group captain. In the left background are spectators and in the right background a hangar.

12 photographs from an album.
#1 a group of trainees arranged in four rows, captioned ' 'C' flight ISQD 13 ITW Torquay (1943)'
#2 is a head and shoulders portrait of Robert Wilfred Hawkes with a trainees cap.
#3 is three trainee airmen standing…

Oblique aerial photograph showing Port Albert Airfield in Ontario Canada with taxiways and hardstanding. Many Avro Anson aircraft in silver finish and lacking dorsal turrets, parked on airfield. Hangars and buildings to the left and a road (Bluewater…

#1 RAF officers, four civilians and two Naval officers in three rows in front of hangar doors. Names on the reverse including three that have died in aircraft accidents.
#2 RAF officers, 12 civilians and two Naval officers in four rows in front of…

Sixteen aircrew wearing battledress or tunic all with brevet, with side or peaked caps sitting and standing in two rows on grass in front of a hangar. On the reverse a list of signatures. Several of the men have one or more medal ribbons. Submitted…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a cross. In the background are hangars.
#2 is a cross with a house behind.
#3 is a muddy track with snow mounds at each side. In the distance are houses.
#4 is Pont Gouin bridge across the Richelieu River,…

A group of airmen arranged in five rows in front of an aircraft and a tented hangar. Oliver is marked with a small cross.
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