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A framed photograph of 101 squadron on VJ day 15th August 1945. A large group of squadron personnel are arranged in six rows on front of a Lancaster.

A large group of airmen sitting and standing in five rows. In the background three Lancaster in line. It is believed that I A Wynn is in the photograph as it was taken before 25/26 May 1943. Additional information about this item was kindly provided…

Five soldiers, one RAF leading aircraftsman and a Military Police corporal, grouped at rear of a lorry.

Margaret Hourigan in Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniform with the rank of sergeant

Four engine bomber with undercarriage collapsed with figures of men caught in various predicaments caused by the event. On the reverse '35b Undercarriage lever'.

Cartoon showing front of a four engine bomber with port outer engine started and blowing two men off a gantry to front. Pilot looks out of cockpit window. On the reverse 'Taxying'.

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a woman in uniform.
Photo 2 is a passenger ship
Photo 3 is a head and shoulders portrait of a man.
Photo 4 is a half-length portrait of a WAAF sergeant.
A fifth photograph has been cut out.

Airmen and airwomen at a party. They are loosely arranged in six rows with 'A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year ' decorating the wall, behind.

32 WAAFs arranged in three rows. There is a handwritten annotation 'Senior NCOs Admin Course. F. Flight. RAF. Wilmslow April. 1944.'

A group of 18 arranged in two rows. Many have tankards of beer. Behind are three dummies in uniform.

Two photographs of 163 Squadron.
Photo 1 is a group of airmen arranged in three rows in front of a Mosquito.
Photo 2 is a larger group of airmen arranged in six rows in front of two Mosquitos.

A large group of airmen arranged in three rows in front of two Mosquitos.

A description of Sam's further training in the UK then operations at Malta.
Photo 1 is an informal group photograph with airmen, two WAAFs and three dummies.
Photo 2 is an air-to-air view of a Wellington.

Eleven RAF personnel, some in flight gear, in front of a Lancaster with some of them sitting on bombs on a bomb trolley. John Cuthbert is second from right.

Group of airmen with nine NCOs and a single officer in the second row. Submitted with caption 'Caribbean airman at an RAF base'.

On the front coloured artwork depicting a group wearing Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniform with a number of large white sacks, One woman second from left is reading a letter. In the background a railway porter and other people. Captioned 'WAAF…

On the front under Season's Greetings coloured artwork showing a group of three women and a man hauling on rope while a woman wearing overalls and hat stands in charge. In the background a barrage balloon just of the ground below which another group…

On the front artwork showing at bottom two elderly ladies on a sofa with coffee table and Christmas tree. Thinking bubbles lead upwards to a crowd of women in uniform round a piano. On the inside left a WAAF Association badge and text 'Our thanks go…

On the front artwork showing women dressed in various uniform including cooks round a kitchen table covered with cakes and utensils, Text 'Merry Christmas. Signed Betty M Turner. On the inside top text 'Our thanks go to member Betty Turner for…

On the front artwork with a group of Women's Auxiliary Air Force members watching a four engine bomber flying past over a control tower. On the inside season's greetings from the WAAF Association.

On the front a round shield with Royal Air Force badge and text including 'Women's Auxiliary Air Force 1939-1945'. To those who had lost their lives. National Memorial Arboretum. On the inside a description of Women's Auxiliary Air Force memorial.

On the front women in Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniform and others with kilts and jackets around a shield with air force symbol and other text. On the inside seasons greetings from the WAAF Association.

On the front a squad of women wearing kilts, jackets and beret. Leader carries a RAF ensign. Inside seasons greetings from the WAAF Association.

Metal flat iron WAAF issue. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor

Wooden coat hanger inscribed '483863. E Gascoyne'.
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