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A list of ten airmen lost during the war. It covers surnames starting 'HO', identifying the men by surname, rank, forenames, service number, age, trade, date killed and burial details (where known).

A second grave marked with a cross and a propeller blade.

Grave of one of the Lancaster aircrew marked with a cross and a French flag.
On the reverse 'Lyon la Foret. Photo taken by local people & given to British Army/smuggled film.

Six photographs from an album.
#1 is Johnnie Holden as a trainee. It is signed on the front 'Lots of Love, Green Eyes, Johnnie x'.
#2 is a full length portrait of Johnnie Holden in flying kit.
#3 is a grave in the woods.
#4 is a head and…

First witness statement from a Resistance fighter
They had been warned by an English airman that the SS were going to carry out shootings and found refuge on 25th August. They were liberated on 29th August. The SS shot eight Resistance fighters and…

Three photographs of David's grave.
#1 is a general view of the cemetery where he rests.
#2 is a close up of his grave.
#3 is his cross with a woman tending to flowers.

Gives account of last (and 7th) operation to Schweinfurt 26/27 April 1944. His Lancaster was shot down and the pilot, wireless operator, flight engineer, and both gunners were killed. The bomb aimer and navigator (Bob Burns) were made prisoners of…

Grave marker board with names surrounded by flowers and bush. In the background a wall, On the reverse 'Grave of Bob's Lancaster crew, buried in village cemetery (Arnstein)'. Two versions of the same image. Submitted with captions for front and rear.…

A record of the loss of a Halifax. It lists the crew and their fate - five became prisoners of war and returned safely to the UK but Cyril John
Pope (1578663) and Theodore Ian Mardon Edwards (R/97583) were killed. Their burial details are recorded.

The pastor describes the burial of prisoners and guards who were shot by low flying RAF aircraft. The pastor officiated at the burial with an English padre.
In the second part he describes damage to the cemetery during a bombardment from the other…

A newspaper cutting with news of Charlie Warner's death.

A grave with headstone and flowers in a cemetery. White cross with 'Pilot Officer W Hughes Royal Air Force (VR) 22.11.43'.

Rocks surrounding a flat stone with metal plaque. On the reverse 'Have you seen this picture before "Rhodes Grave, Worlds View Matopos'" all solid rock too, taken by me'.

Printed form to Director of graves registration and enquiries. Includes a request for photograph of grave of Gunner J Pawson at Dantzig Alley British Cemetery. On the reverse 'your father & G, visited his grave, Katie'.

Nine photographs from an album.
#1 two men dressed as farm workers, with shotguns, sitting on garden chairs.
#2 is a man and a women. The women is trying to enter a small door to an enclosed well.
#3 is two women with shovels working in a…

Three photographs of graves.
#1 is a view of graves. In the background a French tricolour is flying. The reverse is blank.
#2 is the grave of Jack's six crew members. Their names are recorded as is the date of their demise. On the reverse…

Four photographs of Norman's grave.
#1 and #3 are his plot marked with a star of David.
#2 is a woman standing behind his star of David grave stone.
#4 is his plot with a pot of flowers and a flag over his grave stone.
#5 is a his grave stone…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 and 2 are captioned October 1943 and show the funeral procession and guard of honour.
#3 and 4 show the guard of honour at Fred's grave side and firing a salute. It is captioned 'October 1943 Mourners Grandpa…

White headstone in cemetery for Squadron Leader R.A.M. Palmer VC, DFC & Bar, pilot, Royal air Force, 23 December 1944.

Left - head and shoulder image of an airman wearing tunic and side cap.
Right - image of a grave with headstone for Arthur Robert Palmer and stones for Robert Palmer and Douglas Palmer at St. Peter and St. Paul church Gravesend.


Left - a man wearing grey civilian suit standing between rows of headstone in a war cemetery.
Right - three men and a woman standing beside a stone memorial with many wreaths. Captioned 'Daddy (right) and Les Owen (third from right) laying flowers…

Left - white headstone with unreadable name - possibly O.S. Milne.
Middle - white headstone for B Nundy.
Right - white headstone for W Delgarno.

Left - white headstone for Robert Palmer.
Middle - white headstone for G Russell DFC.
White headstone for A L Carter DFC.

Left - white headstone for Squadron Leader R.A.M. Palmer VC DFC & Bar, pilot, Royal Air Force, 23rd December 1944.
Right - three rows of white headstones with Robert Palmer's front left with two poppy wreaths.
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