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An unused postcard of Dublin.

A b/w postcard sketch of the inside of a pub. On the reverse is handwritten 'This is one of the many pubs in Gloucester. Went here in Feb with Ian Carpenter (Shorty)'.

Unused humorous postcard of two soldiers telling a story.

Unused humorous postcard of a large woman on a donkey.

Unused humorous postcard of man talking to taxi driver.

An unused humorous postcard with instructions for a wife to treat her husband.

An unused humorous postcard.

Two framed drawings of a Lancaster with a reference to two operations.
#1 is the Spezia operation of 18/19 April 1943.
#2 is the operation at Cologne 3/4 July 43.
Each drawing has the names of the crew members and is signed by the AOC RA…

A full length portrait of Johnnie in Sidcot Suit and flying gear.
On the reverse 'My little Yatesbury WOP June 42- June 44. Missing June 9/10 over Lyon-la-Foret.
There is also a handwritten poem.

A half length portrait of Johnnie in trainee uniform. Handwritten is 'Lots of Love, Green Eyes, Johnnie'.
On the reverse 'Johnnie, my Yatesbury WOP/AG. July 1942. ACC/ No. TCC!
Missing June 9/10 neat Lyon-la-Foret. Later reported killed. Buried at…

A poem about bombers and their crew.

Handwritten is 'Johnnie Holden - killed June 1944. Collected poems of WB Yates'. Included is 'When you are old'.

A card sent by Johnnie to Josy from RAF Market Harborough featuring a Wellington flying low over the sea.

A piece of red cloth embroidered with 'Arnhem 1944' in red/white and blue thread.

An award made by 104 Squadron to JH Bird and crew.
Sgt Bird, Sgt Boulton, Sgt Bentley, Sgt Dean, Sgt Beckett.

Sergeant Bird's crew award for the best photographs for August 1944. The artwork comprises a drawing of a Wellington with Bird and his crew, Boulton, Bentley, Dean and Beckett named below, set against a circular ribbon with the words: 'THE BEST…

A certificate awarding Sergeant Bird and crew the best night photographs for July 1944. The artwork comprises the outline of a Wellington, Flak bursts, searchlights and bomb explosions. It is signed by a Squadron Leader.

A certificate awarding Sergeant Bird and crew the best night photographs for June. The artwork comprises a large bomb with the citation written in it, and the outline of a Wellington, stars, searchlights and a port. On the opposite page is a…

A cartoon of a prisoner with a forced air camp stove for boiling water. It is dated Oct 17 1944. It is drawn on a prisoner of war postcard.

A play being performed with three actors. The orchestra are in their pit and a couple of spectators are watching. A picture on the back of stage reads 'Home Sweet Home'. There is a stage villain and two prisoners of war dressed as women characters.

Stagehands preparing the set. One man is at the top of a ladder by the proscenium arch. The backdrop is a city scape with high rise buildings.

Stagehands at work. Two dancers are on the stage. A man at the top of a ladder is working on the stage flats and others are painting.

Control room for the stage lighting, looking down at the stage. Two actors are on stage while stage hands move a piece of furniture.

Stage hands preparing scenery. The stage door is open to the outside camp and two men are carrying a stage flat. More scenery is against the back drop at the back of the stage.

Six actors waiting back stage. Three men are dressed as women. Part of a show's musical running order is written on the wall behind them.
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