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Bernard Mabey was born in London and experienced the Blitz at first hand. He was a member of the Air Training Corps in 1941 before volunteering for the RAF. He trained as an air frame mechanic at RAF Locking. His first posting was RAF Marston Moor…

A pass allowing the holder to enter and leave camp. On the reverse 'Sleeping out pass granted signed DEWS W/Cdr o/c Bomber Command contingente from A.D to 08:00 hrs'.

Service and Release book for Bernard Mabey from 24 November 1943 to 7 October 1947.

Airman's Service and Pay Book for Bernard Mabey.

A card with details about the inoculation.

National Registration Identity Card issued to Bernard Mabey

Tags issued to 3008464 Mabey.

A group of thirty airmen in three ranks. The first row (nine people) are seated on a bench, the second (eleven people) standing, and the third (ten people) stood on a bench. They are positioned on a concrete surface which appears to be wet, with…

Bernard Mabey in uniform leaning on a railing.
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