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Maps from east England to mid Germany showing details of routes flown during operation to Frankfurt on 22 March 1944. Shows main route and diversions as well as bombers lost. On map 1, Aircraft ND 352 is marked with pen. Caption ' Lancaster ND 351 -…

A man wearing suit with buttonhole on the left and a woman in wedding dress holding a bouquet on the right. In the background, All Saints Cathedral Camden.

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Full length portrait of Jim Copus is cricket kit. In the background three other cricket players, a wicket and trees on the boundary.


Jim Copus on the right wearing a suit. Sheila Copus with their baby daughter, Andrea baby on her lap on the left. Both are sitting on a sofa.

Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing a dark coat. On the reverse 'To my dearest darling Sheila yours Jim XXXXXX, Winter 1943'.

Account of Jim Copus's last operation to Frankfurt during which his 97 Squadron Lancaster was shot down by a Me 110 night fighter. Includes the task of air gunners, the engagement by the night fighter which disabled all hydraulics including those to…

A boy and a girl standing in front of a door at the end of the wall of a brick house. On the reverse 'Jim Copus and Sylvia Copus - Chappell'.

Jim Copus was born in Watlington and volunteered for the Royal Air Force when he was eighteen. After training, he flew operations as a mid-upper gunner with 97 Squadron from RAF Bourn. On one operation he realised that it was very quiet. He could not…

James Copus grew up in Oxfordshire. He volunteered for aircrew and after training, became a mid-upper gunner and flew operations with 97 Squadron. He remembers a crash while taxiing to take-off, baling out of his empty Lancaster and how he kept…
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