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Full length portrait of James in uniform in a garden. He is wearing his officer's cap and engineer's brevet.

Air-to-air view of a Halifax flying with only starboard inner engine over a rural landscape. The aircraft is painted in camouflage colours and late 1942 roundels are on the wings and fuselage. The Rolls Royce Merlin engine spinners are painted white…

A head and shoulder portrait of James in uniform wearing his engineer's brevet and medal ribbons.

A group of 90 men in uniform arranged in five rows. Twenty men sit with their arms and ankles crossed. A further 21 are in the next row. A further 21 stand behind with the remaining 8 at the back. The group are on grass in front of a single storey…


James Inward's engineers' brevet and medal ribbon strip with Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star (with sliver rosette), Africa Star (with silver rosette) and Defence medal.

Service and release book of Flight Lieutenant James Inward, last day of service 5 August 1947, released as class A.

A report of the assistance James gave to a fellow crew member leading to his being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during his first operation. Annotated '1944'.

Details of James assisting his crew mate whose oxygen tube had become detached and being frostbitten in the process. For these actions, on his first operation, James was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Annotated '1944'.

Amongst reports of air raids, a 100th birthday and other local news a description of the actions leading to James being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Including a report on the circumstances leading to Flight Lieutenant James Inward being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Reports of air raids on London and Berlin, the exchange of British internees with German airmen, film reviews, preparations in America, a royal visit, the study of Islandic, reader letters and advertisements accompanied by photographs.

Reports from Romania, battles over London, air raids in Berlin, speeches from the House of Commons and the sinking of a German troopship. Includes a cartoon strip and advertisements for local businesses.


Reports of the bombing of London, raids to the Black Forest and the sinking of two German supply ships, a cartoon strip and advertisements for local businesses.

Enclosing the award and expressing regrets that he would be unable to present it personally.

Notes, descriptions and maps relating to training on coordinates, true magnetic north, the admiralty chart etc.


Used by aircraft apprentices undertaking the fitter II course, including notes, drawings and graphs.


Notes and diagrams on the engineering of aircraft including questions and answers.


Notes on the ignition course including diagrams and drawings.


A notebook filled with instructions, diagrams, drawings and graphs related to the gas turbine engine and rockets.


Providing details of actions to be taken pre and after take-off, engaging autopilot, before landing and in the event of engine failure. Includes operational points. Annotated on the reverse, 'York 2796. 44, Nunthorpe Cres'.

Confirming Flight Lieutenant James Inward is authorised to wear the ribbons and emblems for the 1939-45 Star, Africa Star and clasp, Air Crew Europe Star and clasp and Defence Medal. A note has been added stating that 'all issued except Air crew…

Following a clerical error James' final date of release is set back two days.

On the awarding of the Distinguished Flying Cross to James.

With thanks to Sir Arthur T Harris for support provided and complimenting him on his performance in the Caen area.
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