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  • Collection: Woolley, Andrew James. Scrapbook

Name. AUS 415259 W/O Joe Leary. Note 'Joe killed April 27 1944'.

Left - Six aircrew all riding on a single motorcycle. Nissen hut background left. Captioned 'Derm, Scotty and crew'.
Right top - seven aircrew, three squatting in front and four standing behind. In the background Nissen huts.
Bottom right - seven…

Two names and addresses. 43306 P/O A B Conway and AUS43514 P/O R C Glass. Both have signatures.

Two names and addresses. AUS421402 H E C Scott F/O and AUS 402516 Jay Lynch F/O. Note 'Scotty taken prisoner August 1944'.

An airman wearing tunic with half brevet sitting in the bow of a boat in reeds on the edge of a river. Captioned 'Jim, killed with Simon in April 1944'.

Three names. AUS 406088 F. D'O Barnett F/O. AUS415366 Simon G Emery. Note 'Simon killed April 1944'. AUS 422423 J N K Cameron F/O. Note 'Ron killed February 21st 1944'.
Newspaper cutting concerning Flying Officer R K McIntyre description of an…

Top - four pilots wearing battledress with pilot's brevet standing in a street with houses in the background. Annotated 'Dermot won DFC then killed in England 16 July 1944'.
Bottom left - A pilot wearing battledress with plot's brevet standing…

Six names, some with addresses. Jack C McCallum. John Bailey, Ron K McIntyre, Ian McGugan, Note 'Ian missing in middle East April 1944'. Dermot Hegarty and Ron S Harris.

'To our dear friends, from the Poles in 303 squadron as a souvenir from Władek and Franek.'

AUS 409203 Sgt Pilot Gilmour CC [.....], Victoria Australia, 7/12/1942.

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Two names and addresses. For 107655 Harris J M, RAF Woodvale - good luck, much happiness Christmas 1942, 413413 Terry O'Connor, RAF Lasham home address in Sydney. Note 'Terry won DFC September 1944'.

Names and addresses of three Australian servicemen and one female relation. Sergeant Reece J G, (two addresses). Sergeant Heinwich and Mrs C W Heinwich. Sergeant Tony Story (Two addresses). Note at bottom right 'Tony reported missing after raid on…

Names of Sgt Sterrenberg RCAF at 51 OTU Cranfield and Mrs J F Sterrenberrg in Consort Alberta, Canada.

Unreadable note - blurred photograph

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Front quarter view of a Harvard on the ground with engine running.


Young boy riding on a tricycle on pavement with houses in the background. Captioned 'Gerald, June 23 1940'.

Two names and addresses for Miss G A Stoddart in Winnipeg and Pte D Stoddart P.P.C.L.I. in England.

Lament on being in a land far from home but with a job to do. Gives reasons for fighting and mentions liberty. Signed at the bottom right unreadable c/o New Zealand house, London.

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Full length image of two pilots wearing battledress standing in a field with trees in the background. Note on page 'Sgt Wayne Elliott, Brownsville, Indiana, U.S.A'.

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Top left - annotated 'RAAF, AUST 409343, Sgt Pilot Tillotson G K, Gardner Street, Box-Hill E11, Victoria, Australia'.
Bottom left - photograph of a woman wearing dress sitting on a wall. Top right - photograph of a baby in a toy car.
Bottom right…

Left - Full length image of an airman wearing unbuttoned tunic standing on grass with fence and trees in the background. Right - Newspaper cutting reporting Flt Engineer Sgt F A Cavadiao, RAF "missing believed killed in raid on Lorient. He had…

Full length image of a soldier wearing uniform and side cap with trees in the background. Captioned '6896124, Sgt J J Cavedino "C Company, 11th B[..] K.R.R.C, (Q West[.....], c/o [.....] 1810'.

To [..] Harding from L.A.C S Harding at RAF Ballinderry thanking for enjoyable holiday.

Two indecipherable names and addresses in Canada

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Name and address 'L T Stoddart, 535 Spence Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada'
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