Homesick in a land thats strange



Homesick in a land thats strange


Lament on being in a land far from home but with a job to do. Gives reasons for fighting and mentions liberty. Signed at the bottom right unreadable c/o New Zealand house, London.

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One page handwritten document mounted on scrapbook page


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Homesick in a land thats strange,
And sometimes lonely too,
Far from all I cherish most,
But there’s a job to do.

That is why I’m over here,
And if the choice were mine to make,
I wouldn’t go back, no, not yet,
For something is at stake.

Something we must fight to keep
And die for willingly,
That dear, that sweet, that precious thing,
That men call liberty.

And so until the battles won
An exile I must be
But just one little thing I ask
That you remember me.

N.Z. 04170 P. J. [indecipherable surname] A/LA
c/o N.Z. House
415 The Strand


“Homesick in a land thats strange,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 3, 2023,

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