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Three photographs taken during Ted Neale's training.
1. A group of airmen arranged in four rows, captioned 'ITW -1940'.
2. A group of airmen in desert uniform, arranged in three rows in front of a hut, captioned ' course after retreat…

An air to air image of 13 B-25s flying at low level. Some numbers visible - 46, 87.


A vertical aerial photograph showing multiple bombs being dropped. The ground is mostly obscured by cloud and explosions. A the bottom of the image are fields and buildings.

A target photograph taken during an operation to Podgorica. Half of the image is obscured by explosions and smoke. The river and the grid pattern of streets and buildings can be clearly seen. On the reverse is captioned 'With compliments from 336…

A group of airmen arranged in three rows outside the Officers' Mess. On the top of the sheet some of the individuals are named and some of their signatures have been added.

Two groups of airmen in separate images.
1. Six rows of airmen captioned '"A" Flight Aircrew'.
2. Three rows of airmen captioned '"A" Ground crew'.

Three photographs.
1. A Sea Fury, 'BC-F', about to hit the barrier on an aircraft carrier, captioned 'Hitting barrier with SeaFury'.
2. Full length portrait of airman in navy uniform, captioned 'Switching sides - Fleet Air Arm -RN'.
3. Airman with…

1. An airman outside a tent with a billy can, captioned '"Pop" Bobby - 104 Sqdn visiting for tea. Ditched in Med after Naples Raid. Drowned'.
2. Airman in shorts digging, captioned 'Making a new home'.
3. Airman standing at the entrance to his…

A bed, chairs and tables making up the accommodation for airmen in the desert. The walls are made of steel planking.. There is a hurricane lamp on a table.

Half-length portrait of two airmen. One man has his left arm round the shoulders of the taller man. The taller man is wearing standard uniform and the shorter man is wearing desert uniform. They are standing in front of a wooden building.

15 airmen grouped in two rows. Nine airmen are wearing desert uniform. Six are wearing standard uniform. It is taken in desert terrain. It is captioned 'Course No 6 Navigators'.

Site near Bethlehem with caption 'Rachel's Tomb' in English and Hebrew.

A group of eleven men playing football, watched by a referee in full uniform and flat cap and man in football kit. On the reverse 'Football in the shadow of Mt."Imetos" '


Harvard, KF98[?], tied down and chocked on a gravel airfield. On the reverse 'A Harvard'.


A roof top view of a city with low houses. In the background are low hills with trees.

Three quarter length portrait of an airman with his left arm resting on a wooden building. He is wearing desert uniform and is squinting in the sun.

Half length portrait of a sergeant with a Navigator's brevet.

A sergeant in uniorm, drinking a beer. He is seated at a table. Window of room has external shutters. On the wall is written 'Where do we go from here, Old Boy?' and a sketch of a Jeep. On the reverse 'Our dearest friend, Uncle Alec'.


A man, in desert uniform, sitting on a chair. He has a Navigator's brevet.

A group of five men casually dressed, standing with mugs, in front of a large frame tent. They are wearing boots and ground appears muddy. There are several oil drums at side of tent. Trees in background.

Half-length portrait of an airman.

A view from roof height looking down on a yard with two small trucks, a cordoned off flag pole and a man with a motorbike. On the reverse 'Yes, that really is me.'

Two different cargo ships at anchor.

An officer seated, in uniform, at desk. It is signed [undecipherable] Bishop.


A group of ten mechanics in front of and sitting on a truck. One man is dressed in shorts and shirt, the rest are in boiler suits. All are holding mugs. Three are sitting on the front of a truck. Behind is a bowser.
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