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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Germany--Möhne River Dam"

Top right - water jet at bottom of dam. Captioned 'Möhne dam, Sunday August 12 1945'.
Top right - view of church spire through tree tops. Captioned 'Soest August 12 1945'.
Bottom left - view down town street in rain with buildings either side.…

Top left - view along road on top of dam.
Top right - plume of water into river.
Bottom left - jet of water from sluice at bottom of dam.
Bottom right - group of airmen wearing greatcoats looking out over river.
Captioned 'Möhne Damm [sic]…

View of bottom of the Möhne Dam. On the left an open sluice with water jet issuing.

View along roadway or top of a the Möhne Dam.

5 Group operation order No B.976. Provides explanation for attack on Ruhr Dams, enemy defences, 20 special Lancaster from 617 Squadron, routes to be flown by all three waves. Goes on with detailed plan of attack, method and timing. Continues with…

A magazine of aerial photography covering anti-invasion preparations at the Hague, anti-tank obstacles at Scheveningen, flooding from the Mohne Dam, U-boat bases and port damage, factories, railway stations, camouflaged storage tanks, marshalling…

A magazine of aerial photographs covering bombing of Kiel shipyards, the Potez aircraft factory, flooding after the Moehne dam was breached, repairs to the Sorpe dam, bombing of Heligoland and Dune, the port of La Pallice, the port of Naples, damage…

Two photographs. Top showing Mohne dam breached in the centre with lake on the rights. Bottom photograph shows the dam before the attack.

Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a postcard of the dam, captioned 'Mohnetalsphere'.
Photo 2 is the dam breached.
Photo 3 is the lake behind the dam, captioned 'Am Mohnsee' and 'RAF Leave Centre 1946'

Damage descriptions to go with post operation photographs of Cologne, Moehne and Eder Dams. Relates to photographs C.2550, CH.9687 and CH.9750.

Reconnaissance photograph with lake on the left and a dam middle with breach with water flowing through. Captioned between pages 46-47 of 1956 Memoir [written vertically on LHS of page presumably for landscape orientation of photo] 'Mohne Dam. The…

A Top Secret document referring to the operation to the Ruhr dams. There is a general section describing the purpose of the operation, a section on defences and the priorities of the attack. There is a list of 19 aircraft and their crew from 617…

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Oblique aerial photograph showing the southern two thirds of the Mohne Dam at the bottom left. On the near side of the spillway are two houses below a tree line bank. Beyond the dam is part of the Mohnesee surrounded by a mixture of open farmland and…

Oblique aerial photograph with Mohne Dam in the centre. Beyond is the Mohnesee and the Delecker Bridge crossing left to right with multiple piers. There are forests areas on the left side of the Mohnesee and in the foreground centre. At the bottom…

A Lancaster flies over the explosion of an Upkeep bouncing bomb against a dam. A second aircraft has been hit by anti-aircraft fire and is plunging towards the water, engulfed in flames and smoke. A third Lancaster is visible on the right with a bomb…
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