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Page 1. Assistance Board making advanced payment to cover immediate needs only of £2 for clothing and £5 for furniture on 15 August 1941. Advice if further help required. Annotated at the bottom '1st advance £6 clothing 27 December 1940, 2nd…

Telegram from records Ruislip to Mr Hudson regret inform that Sergeant Hudson reported missing 27 August 1940

Telegram from Ruislip to Mr Hudson reporting his son, Sergeant Hudson iinterned in Tunisia marked 'Priority'.

Envelope addressed to Mr Hudson in Salford marked 'Important'.

Annual prize giving at Salford Grammar. Homer Lawson was awarded a bronze medal for swimming.


Four photographs from a photo album.
Photo 1 is a group of boys and two masters. They are holding a board 'Salford Grammar School 1935-1936 Form 3A'. It is captioned 'Photograph by Stansfield Parker'.
Photo 2 is a group of boys and two masters.…


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Writes that he is well and wishes them happy Christmas. Reports he is still without news from them and he wonders why as mail is getting through. Suggests sending by air mail as well as cable. .

Reports arrival of two letters from them and an aunt. Hopes they had a happy Christmas and asks them to thank everyone who asked after them. Mentions he has also written a letter to them.

Confirms information in previous telegram, information from American Consul in Tunis that son previously reported missing is interned and safe in Tunisia

A letter to Homer asking him to return to work

Is very happy to have a letter from him after long weeks of waiting to hear any news. Tries to picture him in his surroundings and wonders how much he would miss the green of England. Mentions being informed by the air ministry that he was interned…

Writes they are well and looking forward to another letter from him. States that mail took a long time and sorry they could not get in touch quickly. Wonders how seasons are with him and comments on weather. Catches up with news of friends, family…

Writes of their activities and is wondering what he is doing. Comments on weather. Notes Christmas in six weeks and sad they cannot get message to him before that. Mentions letters they have send and received from others. Catches up with news of…

Notes it was a week since his first letter and had hoped for another. Catches up with news of friends and family and comments on weather. Passes on love from others. Explored sending letters by airmail but post office said it was not worth the cost.…

Thinking of him and looking forward to another letter from him. Writes of communication from Red Cross with label for a personal parcel for him and discusses what they are allowed to send. Will wait to hear if he needs anything and is concerned of…

Wonders what he is doing and comments on days getting shorter. Is sorry that mail is not quicker and notes they have only had one letter from him so far. Glad he can make some English meals and get tea. Writes of home news, events and family and…

Wonders if he is getting her letters and notes they have only had one from him so far. Catches up with news of family and activities. Reminisces about him starting school 18 years ago and not knowing what the future held. Wonders whether they would…

Just letting him know they are jogging along and still only one letter from him. Looks back over letters he wrote when stationed in England since 1939. Catches up with news of family and is still investigating sending him a newspaper. Someone wants…

Mentions what sort of day it is and wonders what he how he is passing his time. Catches upon news of visitors but says little other news. Continues with gossip on correspondence and news of family friends.

Glad to receive his second letter, three weeks after the first. Thankful that he has agreeable company and kind treatment. Mentions current weather. Continues to describe activities. Postmaster general broadcast appeal to post early for Christmas.…

Writes about others who have written to him. Mentions letter from Red Cross with his correct address. Looked up El Kef in library. Red Cross had been very kind to help them keep in touch. Investigating whether he can receive newspapers which the post…

Writes thoughts of the past and shortest days of the year. Mentions trip to library to find out more about El Kef. Continues with news of activities and upcoming Christmas. Worried that he has not had any news of them for four months. Comments on…

Writes of current winter weather and wonders what it is like where he is. Writes of boys facing discomfort in severe weather and full of gratitude for the few who have done so much for so many. Continues to describe some activities . Writes about…

Still waiting for letter number 3. Enquired at post office if they could cable him, not allowed. Hopes he is OK and talks of English winter. Mentions letters she had received and sent to others and passes on news.
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