Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes they are well and looking forward to another letter from him. States that mail took a long time and sorry they could not get in touch quickly. Wonders how seasons are with him and comments on weather. Catches up with news of friends, family and their activities. Mentions prayers being offered.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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Prisoners of War Post.
[inserted] 2A [/inserted]
755052 J. D. Hudson. (Sgt. Chef.)
Camp De Sejour Suirfeille
S/courert Commandant D’arme
[page break]
Mrs Phyllis Hudson
10 Moorside Rd.
Salford 7
[two postmarks]
[VA 27 stamp]
[inserted] 6-1-41 [/inserted]
[page break]
[inserted] 2A [/inserted]
10 Moorside Rd.
Salford 7
Sunday. 10/11/40.
My dear Douglas.
Here I am again with a few more lines to tell you we are well & looking forward to having another letter from you. All the time I am thinking of you & hoping that you are all right. It seems a very long time since your letter was written on Sept. 1st. & I do feel so sorry that we cannot get in touch with you more quickly. It will be almost my birthday when you get this letter if it takes about the same time as yours took to come here. But at least we shall be looking forward to Springtime here – we must look forward all the time now. - & we are wondering how the seasons are with you – If your seasons are like ours, or just the other way round, as in Australia. We have had a lot of rain during this autumn. The last letter I sent was written during a beautiful sunny day & we’ve not had one since. Do you remember that it is just a year ago today that you first saw Miss Morton. I’ve had such kind letters from her lately.
[page break]
She seems to regard you as part of her family, yet. Kenneth begins his business career at Lloyds Bank tomorrow. When Auntie rang up Mr Hamer to enquire about things she was told that the Bank would be only too pleased to help a grandson of Mr Pilley. He certainly was much appreciated there. This is Sunday noon & we have just have a letter put through the letter box asking for a subscription for the Church at the top of Moorside Rd. The vicar has called 3 times since Aug. 31st. He has written a personal letter as well as the posted appeal & this is what he says, “I know that you are not attached to St. Paul’s church but it [underlined] is [/underlined] your parish church & therein, seven times a week, prayers are being offered on behalf of your dear boy & for yourselves in your time of anxiety. After all, the church does stand for something – it stands [indecipherable word], overshadowing your home, as a witness to the faith for which we contend in this stricken world, & for which your son offered himself in willing service.” It seems to be a very comforting sort of message & I do hope the censor will allow it to pass on to you unalterred. [sic] I hope it will give you courage too when you feel, as I know you often will feel – very helpless & alone. I pray for you always that God will give you wisdom & courage & patience & that He will keep you from all harm. Here’s Dad having his usual 40 winks & now I must away & make myself “beautiful.” With all our love, & Kindest thoughts for the other Douglas & Ken Riddick. Your loving Mother & Dad.
To. 755052 J. D. Hudson (Sgt. Chef.)
Camp De Sejour Suirfeile
S/Courert Commandant D’arme
Nord Afrique.



P Hudson, “Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 1, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23058.

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