Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Wonders what he is doing and comments on days getting shorter. Is sorry that mail is not quicker and notes they have only had one letter from him so far. Glad he can make some English meals and get tea. Writes of home news, events and family and friends. Hopes he will not suffer from boredom. Concludes with more gossip on her plans.




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[inserted] 3-1-41 [/inserted]
10 Moorside Rd.
Salford 7
Monday 18/11/40
My dear Douglas.
Monday night again & memories crowd around & I’m wondering what you are doing just at this moment. The winter days are rapidly shortening here altho’ we have not yet reverted to the usual winter time. Officially we are still enjoying summer-time & the mornings are very dark but the evenings are lighter. It is strange to think that when you get this letter the days will be lengthening again. I am so very sorry that I cannot get in touch with you more quickly. I know just how anxiously you will be wondering about us here. The one letter we have had from you so far has been a great comfort. I just keep on reading it & I do hope that you are still all right & all together. I’m glad you can make some English meals & that you can get tea. I never told you about the crab apples. We had very rough weather, with terrific winds, in September, & they every one blew off the tree. Dad kept bringing handfuls into the house & we put them in the fruit basket. But all that month of September we were very
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troubled & anxious & the regular routine of daily life was much disturbed. So the apples were put away & forgotten & they all went bad. They must have been bruised by falling off the tree so we must hope for better luck next year. Dad had a letter form Uncle Jim this morning – an acknowledgement of Dad’s birthday letter. They seem all right again at No 75. Uncle said he had a letter from Auntie Sara & one from David so it looks as if Marjorie is kept busy with her maternal duties. Young Diana Marion is about six months old now. The time passes very quickly & I do hope it is the same for you. Everyone seems to think you will suffer from boredom. I do hope not as we all feel so powerless to help in any way. The fact that it is 2 weeks since we got your letter implies that your writing activities are restricted & I do miss my four letters weekly. Tomorrow I am going to have a cup of tea with Mrs Clayton. Miss Howarth is staying with her at present &, as I’ve previously told you, John is coming home for a week on Wednesday next. Goodnight love & God bless you & keep you safe. All our love. Mother & Dad.
755052 J. D. Hudson (Sgt. Chef)
Camp De Sejour Suirfeilles
S/courert Commandant D’armes
Nord Afrique



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