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Pilot's flying log book for Robert 'Bob' Keeling covering the period 1 July 1943 to 23 October 1945 when he was a test pilot with the Royal Aircraft Establishment. In addition it covers the period 14 January 1946 to 26 November 1949 when Bob was a…

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Photo 1 is The Statue of Liberty seen from the sea.
Photo 2 is a quay on Lake Superior.
Photo 3 is a street scene of Hamburg.
Photo 4 are prefab buildings seen from the control tower, Hamburg.
Photo 5 is skyscrapers seen from the sea, annotated…

Photo 1 is Ray and colleague, annotated 'Flying Control Types'.
Photo 2 is three ground crew on a tractor, annotated 'Ground Crew Gatwick'.
Photo 3 is two airmen annotated 'Paddy & Geordie'.
Photo 4 is Ray topless at an outside table, annotated…

Photo 1 is three airmen in and around a cockpit, annotated 'Tempest & Gremlins'.
Photo 2 is Ray sitting on a stone wall in flying kit, annotated 'Wot a Line !!'.
Photo 3 is three airmen sitting on the front of a Tempest, annotated…

Photo 1 is two men in a swimming pool, one diving, annotated 'Geordie and Paddy'.
Photo 2 is five airmen annotated 'The Gang - Flying Control'.
Photo 3 is three airmen at the nose of a Mosquito, annotated 'Ginger & Crew'.
Photo 4 is two airmen…

Pilot Paddy Aitken, Navigator Kenneth Killeen with Mlle. Marguerite and Mlle. Henriette. One woman is in Free French Army uniform, the other in civilian clothes. Behind is a radial engine and propeller of an Anson.
On the reverse 'Killeen Paddy…

The menu for Christmas dinner followed by a list of events on Christmas , Boxing Day and New Year's Eve.
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