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Map showing portion of north west England. Marked with parallel routes from Bradford to Lake District, Whitehaven/Bees Head and onward into the Irish Sea. Another route from Morcombe Bay to Whitehaven.

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Henry grew up in Bradford and left school just before the outbreak of war. He had various jobs like working in the mill, a greengrocer’s shop, the dye works and then garment cutting for the army. At 17 and a half was called up in London where he…

Olive had two brothers and a sister. One of her brothers joined the army and the other was an air gunner on Lancasters. She left school at fourteen and went to work as a mender at Albion Mills. She then worked on Lancaster navigation panels in the…

The official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St John War Organisation. This edition covers the Food Situation about food parcel delivery, Editors comments, Sport reports from the Camps, suggestions for parcel contents,…

Captain Flying Officer Charles Ronald Phillips and list of crew and next of kin.
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