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Left page: top left, list of members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Top right, Queen Mary standing with a woman in uniform and 13 men, one in uniform, identified as Bob.
Middle, left, Christmas greetings.
Middle, right, best wishes at…

Left page: top, the Luftpost, numbers 10 and 18.
Middle, left report of an aircraft landing on a car.
Middle centre, woman holding a baby, reports of engagements and births of babies.
Bottom left, report of the death of Lieutenant Geoffrey William…

Left page: top, congratulations to Mr and Mrs Keeling on their wedding.
Bottom, Stanley sending love and best wishes.
Right page: propaganda leaflets dropped in Italy and Germany, annotated 'war time propaganda leaflets released by the R.A.F.'.

Two men and two women all wearing fur coats walking on snow covered ground with building in the background. On the reverse Polish caption with date 13/2/40 and note 'M + F, Liz, visiting Wilna'.

Janek Radonski (right) and an airman. Both are wearing tunics and standing in front of a low fence with foliage behind. On the reverse handwritten Polish caption and a note 'Right'.

Round plaque with man surrounded by sheep and Polish language round rim. On the reverse description in Cyrillic text language.

Full face portrait of a woman. On the reverse Polish handwriting.

Four postcards of German Army activity. #1 is four infantry in a shallow trench using optical rangefinders and binoculars. #2 is a tracked vehicle pulling a field gun. #3 is of the Erfurt Artillery Barracks.#4 is of parachutists being dropped from Ju…


Addressed to prisoner of war, John, from fellow prisoner, Iga in Stalag VI C.

A postcard from Iga to John at her old prisoner of war camp

A postcard from fellow prisoner of war Iga from her new camp.

A letter from Iga

A Soviet Union Displaced Persons camp entrance. An entrance sign can be seen.

A woman wearing a skirt, woollen jacket and a hat sat on the grass with a dog. There is a greeting from Iga on the reverse.


This edition focuses on a series of statements made by allied leaders and key French figures, reacting to the D-Day landings on 6th June.
General Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force urges people to be ready to play…

A photograph of a notice removed from the back of a German truck.
It is captioned 'This is a photo of a notice on the back of a German army truck. The notice was brought back to Woodhall Spa by an Officer who was shot down & "walked home".'

Marie-Thérèse expresses her thanks for the letter she has received but explains that what she has done for the allied soldiers was simply her way of thanking them; her two sons were able to grow up as a result. She informs them that she has laid…

The German government imposed an unnecessary war on its country despite assurances to the contrary about both the war and territorial expansion in Europe. This has threatened the German state and its law. Peaceful consultation could have prevented…

Titled "Here are your allies" the booklet highlights Italy's alliance of with a harsh and hypocrite regime. It provides short bios and photos of key Nazi leaders, condemns antisemitism, denounces Nazi massacres and the oppression of religion, and…

Winston Churchill being cheered in Sheffield; naval warfare in the Atlantic; German invasion of Russia; actions of the Free French Forces plus photographs of various military leaders.

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Advises civilians of action to take during allied bombings.

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A document with Jack's diplomatic status. On the reverse it is annotated 'Diplomatic Immunity Madrid 1944'.

Page 1
Despite earlier army reports being reliable, it is claimed that there is now German disinformation concerning the Russian campaign and the high number of casualties and prisoners.

After spotting a battle cruiser on 22nd July, an RAF…

Leaflet suggests how Germans can mitigate any difficulties of the post-war period through self-help to save their families and rebuild their homeland. Allowing ‘fanatics’ to blow up utilities would mean more suffering and greater difficulties in…
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