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An airman wearing battledress with his foot on the running board of a car which is parked in front of a Lancaster.


View of the starboard side of a fighter cockpit with instrument panel.

Two students consulting a chart. Behind are four Harvards and to the left a twin engined aircraft.
It is captioned 'Student aircraft navigators fixing their position checking a course.'

Wreckage of a twin engine aircraft on grass airfield. A hangar is in the background.

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An airmen wearing flying helmet inside the mid-upper turret of a bomber.

Five men wearing tunics with brevet standing in line. Two men are holding small bombs and there is a larger bomb, nose in the ground between two men. Part of an aircraft in the background.


Four men, wearing battledress, standing in line arm-in-arm, two smoking pipes. In the background part of an aircraft engine and wing. Two versions of the same image.


Two airmen, one standing by propeller and the other on the wing of a biplane parked in front of a hangar.


Full length image of a pilot wearing tunic with pilot brevet. On his left sleeve above rank is a small set of cloth wings. Two versions of the same image.

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A man on a ladder in front of an unidentified aircraft cockpit with control wheel and small windscreen. A biplane in the background left and buildings in the distance. On the reverse a note concerning copying.

View showing damage to aircraft structure.

A large group of officers and airmen sitting and standing in three rows in front of a biplane. Two man in civilian dress are seated in the front row.

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A young man wearing civilian jacket sitting astride a motorbike registration 'VE3920'.

Left page:
top, a group comprising bride and groom, seven bridesmaids and two couples, annotated 'Kay Tomlinson's wedding'.
Bottom, four men walking abreast, three wearing top hat and tails and one a vicar.
Right page:
Top left, a copy of…

Left page: top left, abstract from sailing log.
Top right a fjord.
Centre right, mountains and a river.
Bottom left, a ship, the Lamport and Holt lines TSS Vandyck. It is annotated '938 to Norway'.
Bottom right, a drawing of the Church of St…

PSmithRW23010078 copy.jpg
Eight men dressed in a mix of conventional and khaki uniform. They are standing outside a railway carriage.


The two men are in the control tower at Udine. A second photograph has Bill and a different colleague in the tower. On the reverse 'Candid shot in the Tower. Cpl Whittaker in corner. Udine Feb 1946.'
A third photograph is Bill, alone with an Aldis…

A group of two adults and two children standing in front of two Vickers Vincents. It is captioned 'Murbat Trip (5 planes). 100 miles from Aden'. two aircraft including K4131 are behind them.

Round plaque with man surrounded by sheep and Polish language round rim. On the reverse description in Cyrillic text language.

Four postcards of German Army activity. #1 is four infantry in a shallow trench using optical rangefinders and binoculars. #2 is a tracked vehicle pulling a field gun. #3 is of the Erfurt Artillery Barracks.#4 is of German parachutists being dropped…


Men and service vehicles of 84 Group RAFVR, Second Tactical Air Force on a road. Civilian onlookers can be seen on the pavement on the left of the photograph.

A group of military personnel of the 84 Group RAFVR, Second Tactical Air Force, sitting in the grass by the road. RAF service vehicles can be seen in a line on the road. The first one is marked RAF 58915, type 370A.

Seven airmen in uniforms standing below the starboard inner engine of a Lancaster.

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Military personnel in uniforms in front of a hedge.

An airmen standing in an aircraft holding on to a machine gun.
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