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Four postcards of German Army activity. #1 is four infantry in a shallow trench using optical rangefinders and binoculars. #2 is a tracked vehicle pulling a field gun. #3 is of the Erfurt Artillery Barracks.#4 is of parachutists being dropped from Ju…


Men and service vehicles of 84 Group RAFVR, Second Tactical Air Force on a road. Civilian onlookers can be seen on the pavement on the left of the photograph.

A group of military personnel of the 84 Group RAFVR, Second Tactical Air Force, sitting in the grass by the road. RAF service vehicles can be seen in a line on the road. The first one is marked RAF 58915, type 370A.

Seven airmen in uniforms standing below the starboard inner engine of a Lancaster.

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Military personnel in uniforms in front of a hedge.

An airmen standing in an aircraft holding on to a machine gun.

Top left shows the prototype Lysander K6127 standing on the grass with buildings in the background.
Top Right shows T E Lawrence's grave.
Middle left shows airmen attaching bombs to an aircraft
Middle right shows a line of Hawker biplanes standing…

Top left shows a hangar under construction. Other buildings and houses can be seen in the background.
Top right shows rows of bi-planes standing on the grass.
Bottom left shows aircraft under maintenance in an aircraft hangar.
Bottom right…


Top left shows a hangar under construction.
Top right shows a bi-plane standing on its nose with a broken propeller, with airmen standing around it. Another bi-plane can be seen in the background.
Bottom left shows bi-planes undergoing maintenance…

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A ship with a coastline with buildings in the background.

Top left shows a marquee tent with an aircraft behind it.
Centre shows a crane vessel suspending a flying boat on the water. Men can be seen standing on the crane vessel and two men are standing on the aircraft's wings.
Top right shows workmen…

Six photographs all annotated with Gibraltar showing various scenes.
Top left shows a women on a donkey which is carrying baskets. Standing next to the donkey is a boy. They are standing next to a road, where are vehicle is seen behind them…

Top left and bottom right images show photographs of a crashed Anson. Top left shows the registration number partially visible. The letter is indecipherable but the number reads "220".
The top right and bottom left show airmen standing around a…

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A man wearing a pair of headphones and holding a microphone. A service vehicle in the background.

18 men on motorcycles, four men in background near truck. Decipherable registration plates: “BHA 682” and “43304111”. Reverse: “Love you [indecipherable] from Jim, xxx” and “V 462”.

Seven uniformed men arranged on the bonnet of a car with an eighth man in uniform at the wheel. Three men are wearing peaked caps, four wear half caps and one is bareheaded. One of the men hold a pair of gloves in his hand. Half brevets and sergeant…

An airman in khaki and shorts sitting on the front bumper of an RAF Ford lorry. Written on the bumper is 'Shropshire Lass'.
A second photograph has him leaning on the front of the same lorry. On the reverse is stamped 'MAAF RAF Camera Club Serial NE…

An airman, in khaki, standing at the front of an RAF car 'RAF 86401'.

A warrant officer in uniform with brevet, standing next to a car, with registration VV7181. The car is in a field with trees in the background. On the reverse 'Mal Gold Bookie, BRO 1761'.


Full length image of a pilot in uniform, standing by a car, registration VV7181. In the background there are trees. On the reverse of one copy is written: 'DID 1448'

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A warrant officer wearing tunic with half brevet standing by a car registration 'VV7181'. In the background trees.


An airman wearing tunic with brevet standing by the open door of a car licence plate 'VV 7181'. In the background trees.


A wing and undercarriage section in a lake. On the reverse 'The oleo leg - of stainless steel was still as new [indecipherable]'


Top left: A F Nye astride a motorbike. On reverse, 'speed king MI*'.
Top right: Six men on a motorbike. On reverse, 'six men on a byke'.
Bottom left: Licensing star mounted on a building'. On reverse: 'What is it?'
Bottom right: Man standing…

Top left: Commercial street scene with pedestrians.
Top right: Shopping street. A sign reads "K. Syed & Co"
Centre left: BRV theatre, on the corner of MG Road (South Parade) and St. Marks Road, Bangalore. A sign reads 'Gala Dance'.
Centre right:…
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