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A photograph of a notice removed from the back of a German truck.
It is captioned 'This is a photo of a notice on the back of a German army truck. The notice was brought back to Woodhall Spa by an Officer who was shot down & "walked home".'

The German government imposed an unnecessary war on its country despite assurances to the contrary about both the war and territorial expansion in Europe. This has threatened the German state and its law. Peaceful consultation could have prevented…

A card used by POWs to send messages home.

Gives personal details and next of kin. Includes b/w photograph and fingerprint. Stalag IX C. Two versions of the same item. Submitted with caption 'Photo of Bob Burns's German PoW ID card for Stalag IXC'.

Card with descriptive details. Two b/w head and shoulders photographs of Bob Burns and a fingerprint. Two versions of the same item. Submitted with caption 'Photo of Bob Burns's German PoW record'.

Both sides of Ted's Dog Tags

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Despite earlier army reports being reliable, it is claimed that there is now German disinformation concerning the Russian campaign and the high number of casualties and prisoners.

After spotting a battle cruiser on 22nd July, an RAF…

Leaflet suggests how Germans can mitigate any difficulties of the post-war period through self-help to save their families and rebuild their homeland. Allowing ‘fanatics’ to blow up utilities would mean more suffering and greater difficulties in…


Both sides of Jozef's dog tag whilst a prisoner of war.

12 lists of personal possessions.

The graves of the four airmen who died when their Stirling was shot down, Enter, Netherlands.

German language printed form not filled out.

Left - colour postcard showing steps leading up to pillared, domed monument with figure holding up sword on top. Captioned 'Teutoberger Wald, Hermannsdenkmal, and handwritten annotation 'August 6 1945, bank Holiday'.
Right - colour postcard showing…

Top - torn ticket to a 'Kirchenkonzert' in Detmold.
Middle - two tickets to the Detmolder Lichtspiele.
Bottom - ticket to Chambres Meubles 'Madame Suzy' Amiens.

Artwork - three German Me 109s behind a Wellington shooting. The Wellington is low over sea with starboard engine on fire. Other Wellingtons in the background. Captioned 'Luftkampf swischen deutschen jägern und britische bombern'.

Lyrics to the song ‘Lili Marleen’.

On 7th June Sir Robert Peirse, Commander in Chief of Bomber Command, reported on the British success against German vessels since 12th March. For land-based operations, they are mass producing larger aircraft with larger bombing capacity to have…

300 more American warships are now protecting shipping routes following President Roosevelt’s order on 12 September. Numbers of vessels in American navy at the outbreak of war are listed and the number will steadily increase.

William Sebold, a…

Leaflet describes how the United States is fulfilling President Roosevelt’s promise of 16th March 1941 to provide Britain with ships, aircraft, tanks and weapons and how much it is producing. Many of the war materials are at no cost and on…

Describes the effects of sowing hatred. Hitler had talked about war for 20 years, prepared for 7 years and started it on 1st September 1939. The people whose land he has occupied and attacked are said to hate him. An ever increasing hatred is…

The leaflet contrasts Hitler’s repeated declaration on 16th March 1941 that Germany would achieve the final victory with that of Roosevelt on 16th [15th] March 1941, announcing America’s total commitment until total victory.

A quotation is…

A German marching song but also a love song to Erica.

Two cloth brevets, for a navigator and an observer plus a Stalag IVB dog tag.

A Christmas card with a sketch of a broken Halifax qnd a handshake drawn on the music and words of 'Stille Nacht'.
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