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Notes it is quite a while since he received an airgram form him and wondered if he had started his courses or was still waiting which unfortunately was common at that time. However he said that Norman had done the right thing re-mustering as…

Reports arrival of airgram from Norman and was pleased that he had had a few days leave. Catches up with family news from home. Mentions he had passed the first three exams on the course and was waiting for results of the fourth. He would be working…


Apologises for not writing but says he has to spend a lot time studying and had little to spare for letters. Commiserates over Norman being pushed around the country but needed to says that he would find there would be a lot of hanging around. Asked…

Writes that he had lost track of Norman's location as he seemed to have moved every time they were in contact. Catches up with mail sent and received. He compared Norman's flying hours to his own which were less but he would have had more except for…

Writing to Norman on his birthday and apologises for not writing more often but he had been busy swotting hard to ensure passing exams at first attempt. Comments on exams he had taken and says he was disappointed at the simplicity of the questions.…


Tried to time this airgram to arrive on Norman's birthday and send greetings. Comments of bad news about a friend and Norman's disappointment on having to do ground work. Catches up with other family news and arrival of mail as well as commenting on…

Writes that he had received Norman's airgram with his new address. Catches up with Norman's activities as far as he knew including some flying. However he was not clear what Norman was doing. Writes that he was now in second week of course and had a…

Says he has passed his exams and will be moving on to another place shortly. Comments on weather and hopes she is encourages her to continue to do well at school. Says he is half way through his time in South Africa with the more important part to go…


Reports arrival of latest mail from home and thanks her for birthday greetings. Comments on her and Norman's activities as well as congratulating her on her school results and arranging a reward. Concludes with other gossip.

Catches up with latest mail sent/received. Mentions that he has sent food parcels to them. Says he will hand onto photographs rather than risking losing them in the mail. Comments on his satisfactory financial situation.


Writes from Cape Town apologising for missed mail and says that he will miss his weekend visits to the local family he frequented in his previous location. Hopes they are enjoying summer weather and asks for latest family news. Mentions his plans for…

Writes that he is still managing to get through exams alright. Comments on news that his friend had failed one of his exams at another station and suggests that this was an example where results of exams did not give guidance to a person's…

Part 2. Writes of his concern over recent air attack on Hull. Discusses Norman's future training and recommends book on aircraft recognition. Catches up with family news.

Part 1. Catches up with family news and comments on time mail takes to reach him. mentions he had heard of heavy air attack on Hull and hopes that they are all OK. Catches up with other news and gossip. Mentions bomb site scroungers and that he is…

Catches up with news of Norman's activities. Mentions hearing on the radio of air attack on Hull and hopes family are safe and well. Mentions the importance of having good friends.

Discusses mail and getting behind in his airgrams home. mentions Norman re-mustering as air navigator and that he had taken his sixth exam. Wonders about Norman's future activities in the RAF. Catches up with news of other friends.

Part 2. Discusses mail to and from. Mentions visiting local acquaintances and meeting a friend who is near the end of his course. Comments on going to see a demonstration by local fire service.

Part 1. Reports arrival of recent mail. Discusses Norman's decision to go for navigator course. Mentions taking another exam with only 8 or 9 more to go in the next 4 weeks. Sad to hear of friend's death in action and complains about poor airgraph…

Reports arrival of latest mail and sends birthday greetings to mother. Speculates that the course would soon be over in 6 weeks and then wonders what will happen. Catches up with other sad news from home.

Airgram No 2. Continuation from no 1. Says he had now taken 4 exams out of 13 or 14 and knows he passed the first three. Catches up with family mail received and news of friends who was over from Queenstown. Mentions catching up with other friends in…

Airgram No 1. Reports arrival of latest mail and says he is late due to night flying previous day. Catches up with family news and mentions that he had also been gardening with his local hosts over the weekend.

Writing weekly letter early as would be revising for exam later. Mentions that flying was still going well although last trip was bumpy and he suffered from air sickness. Now had 35 hours but no night flying yet. Comments on latest good war news.

Writes he is now in seventh week of course and had had his second exam and was confident of result. Catches up with gossip and mail received. Spends a lot of time swotting and now has 30 flying hours. Had not done any night flying yet. Asks after…

No 2. Writes that he is still spending weekends with local family and sends them their address. Catches up with family news. Reports he has had seven flights so far with another due that night.

No 1. Reports arrival of recent mail. Pleased to hear gardening news from home. Says he had passed his first exam and is on his sixth week of fifteen week course. Catches up with news of friends.
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