Letter from Dec Dexter to Phyllis



Letter from Dec Dexter to Phyllis


Letter from Cadet Dexter to Phyl giving his new address at initial training wing, Babbacombe, Devon. Describes his hasty preparations, before leaving home, items left behind to be sent on, concerns of the welfare of another female friend, standards of accommodation and food experienced since his arrival.




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Two page handwritten letter


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1387607 Cadet Dexter K. I.
‘C’ Flight No.2 Squadron.
No.1 I.T.W. R.A.F.
10 8/41. Devon.

Dear Phyl.

Here’s my new address for how long I don’t know. I hope you got my message on Saturday – I just had time to hop along grapple with my clothing and dash back without even wrapping up my undies! We left at 12 noon and got down here in the afternoon. We’re in hotels practically overlooking the sea just outside Torquay. Beds – sheets – good grub and plenty of time to eat it. If it wasn’t for damned hard work we’d be just set for a seaside holiday!

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I’m sorry I didn’t take the socks (sox) because they fealt [sic] so wet so could you send them on with my shirt as soon as the laundry return it. Also could you collect my photos from Pelling & Gross when they’re ready and send them on – I’ll let you have the dough.

It was nice to see Con & you I do hope Con wasn’t too upset on Friday. I’ve just written a quick note to her to give her my address and wish her luck with the cottage, I’m going to try and see uncle (blooming) Billy today and if there’s half a chance I’ll get them to have Con for a few days. I’m sure the sea air would do her good.

Cheerio for the present
All the best



Keith Dexter, “Letter from Dec Dexter to Phyllis,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9250.

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