Letter from L Boldy to the Adjutant at RAF Depot Uxbridge



Letter from L Boldy to the Adjutant at RAF Depot Uxbridge


Letter from David Boldy’s mother to the Adjutant at RAF Depot, Uxbridge regarding articles in newspapers about a man on trial who mentions a man with a similar name to her son.




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Two-page handwritten letter


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[underlined] Copy. [/underlined]

5, Chepstow Court,
Chepstow Crescent,
London, W.11.
[underlined] 26th August 1945

The Adjutant,
R.A.F. Depot.

Dear Sir,

On Friday the 24th the Daily Express, Daily Telegraph & Times, in reporting the trial of W/O Hughes quoted an alleged statement made by him in which he stated ‘I was introduced to a man named BOLDEY’, (later reported as BOLBY-BOLDREY. BOLDLEY). This name being similar to ours I went to the Raf. [sic] Casulty [sic] Branch in Oxford Street to enquire if this could be my son Ft/Sgt DAVID ADRIAN BOLDY, 923995 C. UNIT. SQD. 207 reported missing from air operations over Danzig on the night of 11th/12th July 1942 & later presumed killed. His case was closed & they were unable to give me any further information.

I therefore went to Uxbridge

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where the Corporals in the Guardroom most kindly offered to try to contact someone in authority if I would wait till the trial ended for the day.

Later one of the Corporals informed me he had spoken to W/O Hughes in the presence of an R.A.F. Officer and he (Hughes) had stated that the man he called BOLDEY (Bolby-Boldrey-Boldley) was a foreigner - a Hungarian & was using an assumed name.

I would be very grateful to have official conformation [sic] of W/O Hughes statement that the man mentioned is not my son.

Yours faithfully,
[underlined] L. Boldy [/underlined]



L Boldy, “Letter from L Boldy to the Adjutant at RAF Depot Uxbridge,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/887.

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