Interview with an eye-witness of Milan bombings


Interview with an eye-witness of Milan bombings


The informant describes two bombings he eye-witnessed in the Sesto San Giovanni and Niguarda area. During the first, he was in a basement adapted as underground shelter: he recollects women reciting the rosary and a queasy sensation in the stomach caused by explosions. During the latter he found himself in an open space in which trenches have been dug and saw the bombs falling. Describes how he gradually became used to violence and destruction; the sense of danger being tempered by his natural inquisitiveness. Stressed the inefficiency of anti-aircraft fire and the gradual escalation of the bombing war. Mentions the widespread sense of solidarity and mutual support: factory workers pilfering coal at great personal risk, and the role of the “Soccorso Rosso” clandestine mutual support network. Recalls an atmosphere of fear and episodes of violence, mentioning loathed Fascist militiamen and episodes of the resistance in Milan. Elaborates on how the bombings were the just retribution for starting the war.







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Alessandro Pesaro, “Interview with an eye-witness of Milan bombings,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 4, 2024,

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