Interview with Nino Tenca Montini


Interview with Nino Tenca Montini


Nino Tenca Montini reminisces about his wartime experiences in Udine and in the Friuli region. Describes the family shelter as a concrete reinforced basement, sparsely furnished with wooden benches. Recalls the urge to escape the vigilance of adults and dash out to see the damage and pick up scrap and spent shells. Reminisces about a Cossack distraught by the death of his horse after a bombing. Recollects his countryside life as an evacuee in Gervasutta, Terenzano e Forni di Sopra, where he eye-witnessed the aftermath of the Forni di Sotto reprisal. Describes shelters in the countryside consisting of dug outs or bell towers, and reminisces the awe of watching low-flying bombers surrounded by anti-aircraft fire explosions. Reminisces about being strafed while on a country road and stresses the inaccuracy of popular depictions of shelter life in media: people were silent and pensive, not agitated. Elaborates on the legitimacy of the bombing war being sympathetic with aircrew. Considers himself lucky for escaping the war unharmed, expresses his closeness with the victims of present day conflicts and stresses his distaste for military life.



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