Wigley, Harold


Wigley, Harold


12 items. The collection concerns Harold Wigley (b. 1913, 945058 Royal Air Force) and contains his log books, documents, 'Moonshine Man' lucky charm and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 405 Squadron.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by John Wigley and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Wigley, H

Collection Items

Wellington with nose art
The cockpit and nose of a Wellington with Moonshine Man nose art, 24 bomb symbols and 'Berlin or Bust'.

Harold Wigley's RAF Pilot's Log Book
The Log Book runs from 20 August 1940 until 10 March 1944.
The first flight is recorded at No 7 EFTS , Desford flying in the Tiger Moth, he remained there until 28 September when he moved to No 12 SFTS flying in the Anson. In January 1941 Harold…

Harold Wigley's Civilian Flying Log Book. Two
No year is recorded only the month and day from 24 January until 6 August for a total of 29.05 all on Tiger Moth.

Harold Wigley's Civilian Log Book. Three
First entry 1951-12-01, last entry 1952-10-11, for about 10 hours.

Harold Wigley's Private Pilots Licence
The licence no 18988 was initially issued in 1939. After his RAF service it was re-issued in November 1951 and expired in 1952

Harold Wigley's service record
F543 is Personal Information File

Aircraft on the ground, engines running, entrance door open, tradesmen clustered around the door and others walking around aircraft. Aircraft serial M7213, squadron letter 58-E, the postcard is captioned Dishforth 1941. Single storey building and…

.303 Browning machine guns
Two photographs, two complete guns guns shown on one photograph. The second photograph shows two guns disassembled.

Moonshine Man
A small brass coloured man with a big round moon-like head and tin helmet. He is holding a thumb up as if hitchhiking. A safety pin is attached to his helmet. A character which was painted on a 405 Squadron Wellington, supplemented by a note stating…

Medical form for civil aiviation
Forms not completed, Ministry of Civil Aviation 541 Medical examination for renewal of Private Pilots Licence and Form 631B Application for renewal of Private Pilots Licence.

Target photograph of Lubeck, annotated NS 6/5 Dupe Neg No 243, 1 JY19NT28/29 .3.42 F8 TX.

Wellington crew
A Merlin-engined Wellington and crew. The reverse is captioned "2nd left". Nose art is of the Moonshine man and the words "Berlin or Bust".
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