A vertical aerial photograph of Wesel, orientated with south to the top. Wesel is not covered by the photograph but lies below the bottom edge. However, the Wesel-Datteln Kanal is clearly visible, cutting across the middle of the frame, as are the various road and rail bridges that cross it. The first visible bridge on the left carries a straight road between Friedrichfeld and Wesel. Moving right, the next bridge carries a railway track which enters the image at the upper left edge, and runs down towards Wesel. A third bridge, close by, carries another road and at the left end of the upper edge, a railway track enters the image at an angle, turns through 45° and runs straight down to Wesel. This track appears to cross the canal but the bridge is not visible. To the right of this crossing lie the basin and lock gates at Emmelsum. The upper left quadrant of the image contains mainly fields with a small industrial area lying between the first road and railway. The upper right quadrant is mostly obscured by glare. Much of the ground in the lower half of the photograph is covered by patchy smoke and little can be discerned. At this point the photograph is annotated, in red ink, with 'A/P 1775x' and a large arrow.
The photograph is captioned:
'1982 SDL 19/2/45 // 7" 20000 100° 1635 WESEL . U.
1HC 4000 IN: 12 ANM 64 DT: C. 37. F/O HART D.186'.

On the reverse is handwritten '4000yds 158°'.



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Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Wesel,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 17, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/39722.

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