Partial letter to Kitty



Partial letter to Kitty


Thanks her for parcel. Says they had been unwell and advised her to visit that weekend. Adds gossip about events.



One-sided handwritten letter


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[inserted] P.S. Winnie has just finished her dinner & feels full up. She has not thrown her food back lately & is trying her best to eat more. [/inserted]

[deleted] 2 St Ives Pth [/deleted]

Todds’ Cottage
Nr Pateley Bridge


Dear Kitty

Many thanks for your parcel it was a lovely surprise you can be sure I shall enjoy the contents.

Well I have been very poorly this week, I’m a little better today but feel that I shall have to be kept quiet until I pull up again If I were you I shouldn’t come this weekend, have a restful weekend at home & then I might be better for the weekend after

Mrs Todd has been ever so good to me Herbert Swailes brought me some fish & chips from Pateley last night & oh boy did I enjoy them. I slept like a top. Mrs Todd has just put me an apple pie in the oven for my dinner she’s an angel I had some Xmas cake yesterday that was 4 yrs old it tasted beautiful.

We’ve now got a Gramophone so we’ll have a bit of music when you come.

Winnie has told you most of the news, yes she has been very poorly but she’s nice & bright this morning & outside getting the air under a canopy

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