Letter to L V Rosser from Johnny Meredith



Letter to L V Rosser from Johnny Meredith


Apologises for taking so long to answer letter. Mentions Cologne and Essen operations and fighter engagement on the former which resulted in damage and belly landing at RAF Manston. Catches up with news of families and colleagues as well as some oh his activities. Mentions loss of Squadron Leader Tomlinson over Essen and that Group Captain Massey was missing Continues with catching up with friends and gossip.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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[underlined] Please Forward [/underlined]

[inserted] 3.6.42 [/inserted]

Johny Meredith
745193. F/Sgt Rosser.
Sgts Mess,
Chipping Norton
Nr Banbury

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Officers Mess,
Stanton Harcourt
Nr Oxford

3rd June 1942

Dear Vic,

I'm sorry to have been so long answering your letter but trust you will forgive me. I have been pretty busy and with my people and Auriel to write to I get browned off with writing. I hear rumours you have moved on again but hope this reaches you alright.

We had a very pleasant change the other day with the Cologne and Essen raids! Did you take part? I had quite a shaky

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do with a fighter round Cologne but managed to make a belly flopper at Manston without ailerons or rudder and a shortage of instruments. My observer and bomb aimer were wounded so I had quite a lucky escape.

How is Pam? Give her my love and say I hope she is still managing to keep you in order. I miss your company but as you will see have moved to Stanton. I have been swopped to "E" Flight you will no doubt be sorry to hear that Sq/Ldr Tomlinson went down on Essen, furthermore I hear G/Capt Massey is missing from the same raid: he has left us, you know.

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We are now hard at it again and are doing our own conversion now – shaky do! The weather is marvellous but rather hot for aviating.

Auriel came down for a week-end at Whitson after I had had a few days at York. It was grand to see her again and she wanted to know all about you and Pam but I was pretty much in the dark too.

Joan King was also very anxious to hear all about you both when I saw her in Betty's.

[page break]

Well, old boy, drop me a note soon with your latest gen and I will try to write at greater length. There is lots I should like to say but cannot spare the time right now.

All the best, old man,

Love to Pam.




J Meredith, “Letter to L V Rosser from Johnny Meredith,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 12, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/36611.

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