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Writes that he is about to join a Pathfinder squadron despite trying to get on Mosquito, but does not know where yet. Carries on to write of the great difficulty of getting onto a Mosquito squadron. Recommends that if Rosser get posted to main force…

Mentions lucky trip to Cologne and subsequent DFC. Mentions seeing Rosser in a bus queue in Oxford but missed meeting up. Writes a little about his operation to Cologne (flown as an Operational Training Unit crew) where he was engaged by fighter…

Apologises for taking so long to answer letter. Mentions Cologne and Essen operations and fighter engagement on the former which resulted in damage and belly landing at RAF Manston. Catches up with news of families and colleagues as well as some oh…

Gives reason for not contacting him. Ask him to identify time to meet and gives some details of his own activities.
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