Letter to L V Rosser from Ken Higgins



Letter to L V Rosser from Ken Higgins


Catches up with news after recent meeting and thanks him for posting on letters. Writes about cost of sending his bicycle by train and explains why it is essential in his current location. Catches up with gossip and his activities and flying. Concludes catching up with friends.





Six page handwritten letter and envelope


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F/SGT. Rosser V.,
Sergeants Mess,
RAF. Chipping Warden,
Nr. Banbury,

[inserted] Ken Higgins [/inserted]

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[underlined] Sun 12th [/underlined] July

Sgt. K.W. Higgins
Sergeants Mess,
R.A.F. Station,
Nr. Royston,

Dear Vic,

Sorry I didn't have time to see you before I left, old man, but I had to dash off to catch the 1.40 bus into Banbury, and I don't think you had landed by the time I left.

Anyway, thanks for posting on the two letters, and there's the full address above should any more arrive during

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the next few days. Just have a glance through the "H's" once in a while – if it's left to the Mess office I shall [underlined] never [/underlined] [inserted] see [/inserted] them.

About the bike, old lad, I clean forgot to enquire the cost of rail transportation at the station, so I still don't know how much it will be. Anyway, if you will bung it on as soon as you can to Royston, and drop me a line enclosing bill for same etc. etc., I'll send [deleted] it [/deleted] off the sheckles by return post. Oh, and don't forget the pump.

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I paid old Smithy 2/- cash for that! (Sucker)!

Believe me, you [deleted letter] need a bloody bike in this place. We [underlined] pupils [/underlined] live in dirty great private house just over a mile from the camp, and there is – naturally – no transport. I'm absolutely brassed already with walking to and from the bloody camp day after day. So for Christ's sake, Vic, sling that bike along before I die of

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I got myself a 48 as soon as I arrived here – and pissed off for three days (using Chipping [indecipherable word] Anson FLT. methods). Actually, I wish I'd stayed away a bit longer now, as I've done sweet F.A. since I arrived back. From what I can see they don't seem to care a damn what you do here.

When I first came, the C.G.l. informed me that I was going straight into a pupil crew just finishing the course and piss, more or less, straight off on ops. [underlined] Me [/underlined] ! with a sprog crew, mind you! I put a stop to those bloody ideas straight away. There are a couple of

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S/LDR's here on a conversion course – bags of experience etc, so I told the C.G.I. that I'd fly with one of those or nobody at all. That shook him I can tell you. Anyway the outcome of it was that he agreed to it, so that's how it is – I'm flying with a S/LDR. when I fly that is. I've done F.A. so far and I'm not likely to for a week or so. Strikes me I shall be seeing quite a bit of the girl for the next couple of weeks! They'll probably collar me for a bit of screening work which I'm here to

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fill up my time. They've hinted at it already. Still, that will be better than stooging around doing circuits and bumps – [underlined] getting some Key hours in [/underlined]!

Tell Possy and Smithy that I've seen Red McKnight. Had a tete-a-tete etc. Quite a decent bloke – one of the lads.

Incidentally, apologise to Possy for me, old man, for not seeing him before I left, but the same reason applies as it did to you. Not forgetting old Grinder of course.



How's the Wife? Bless her soul.


K Higgins, “Letter to L V Rosser from Ken Higgins,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/36610.

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