Top left - b/w photograph of a woman sitting on grass with dog in front of her. Captioned 'Mrs Derrnocly'.
Top middle - three-quarter length b/w photograph of an airman wearing tunic with half brevet standing in a room. Captioned 'F/O Jim Derrnocly N.Z.'
Top right - handwritten note 'John Meredith killed over France with rear gunner, 5 others in crew captured and wounded [....] I met your wife in Oxford with JM beginning of 1944'.
Right middle - newspaper cutting reporting F/Lt John Andrew Trevor Meredith did not return from operations in May 1944'.
Bottom left - newspaper cutting with full face b/w photograph reporting Staff Sergeant Herbert Parson, Glider Pilot Regt reported missing.
Bottom middle - newspaper cutting with full face b/w photograph reporting that Flight Lieutenant B H Quelch RAF had been awarded the DFC.
Bottom right - b/w photograph with five men, two on one knee in front (one wearing RAF uniform) and three (two in RAF uniform with brevet) standing behind. In the background trees.

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Three b/w photographs, three newspaper cuttings and one handwritten document mounted on an album page


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