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A brief biography of Raymond by his sister, Marie Laydon.

Four airmen walking along a street. One is wearing a greatcoat and three have slung packs over their shoulders.
On the reverse 'Bill Reade, Bob Gunn, Josh Surey & Nick Carter B/A, R/G, Nav, W/Op
Wellington Crew or X R 838 May 1944 Stirling III…

Two pages from Bob's log book showing some of his training flights and operations whilst with 51 Squadron.

21 uniformed men all wearing half brevets. One is wearing a side cap with the others wearing peaked caps. Eight men are sat in front with two rows of standing men, of eight and five behind. The reverse is annotated 'No 6 flight engineers leaders…

The letter to Clara from Arthur is written from a prisoner of war camp. He writes emotionally about his regrets.

He has transferred from Ireland to Oxfordshire. He states that he will be busy flying. Accommodation and food are good. He has been playing tennis.

His course has become easier due to the weather. It has been cold. His food is still good. He is not impressed with Irish girls and thinks they are very impoverished.

He thanks her for her letters. He discusses Jean playing tennis and the weather.

He has been kept busy training. The weather has been changeable and he has been doing a lot of walking. Food is good.

He has been transferred to Northern Ireland. His accommodation is good.

Top left - b/w photograph of a woman sitting on grass with dog in front of her. Captioned 'Mrs Derrnocly'.
Top middle - three-quarter length b/w photograph of an airman wearing tunic with half brevet standing in a room. Captioned 'F/O Jim Derrnocly…

A newspaper cutting with news about operations over Germany. On the reverse is non-war related news.

Jack and Bernard sitting on a bench outside a brick building. On the reverse 'Jack Jones & Bernard May 1944'.


Four story building with tall tower in front and domed buildings either side. Trees and formal garden in front. Captioned 'May 1944, Jerusalem, Y.M.C.A.'.

Top rear quarter view of a parked Lancaster PB437 J9-L , with buildings in the background.
Bottom - four members of Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirtsleeves out side a Nissen hut with a Union flag above and behind. Submitted with description…

Left - Notifies of award of Distinguished Flying Cross to Flying Officer Charles Martin. Provides some biographical details and description of action which led to the award.
Right - Notified of award of Distinguished Flying Cross, some biographic…

The letter refers to the crash of Lancaster EE148 in May 1944. The priest was in the Resistance and organised the collection of the bodies of the airmen and their funeral.

The note, in French refers to a dear friend, Jack Mardsen and is signed by Mauclerc. He has included a French tie.
The calling card is also from Mr and Mrs Gervais Mauclerc.
The box is from a jeweller, G Receveur. The contents are damaged but…

A detailed memoir of the operation to Mailly-le-Camp when Lancaster JB314 crashed, killing all eight crew on board. It includes a detailed description by Michel, a teacher at Courboin. The remains of the airmen are collected and buried with ceremony.…

A map of Western Europe marked with the location of bombing operations. Titled 'First Tour - 10th May to 14th August, 1944'.
Within a compass rose is a key to the symbols used on the map.


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