Rosser, Lewis Victor. Photograph album


Rosser, Lewis Victor. Photograph album


48 items. Covers and 47 page photograph album with photographs of people and aircraft, artwork cards, newspaper cuttings and documents.




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Rosser, LV

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Album rear cover
Inside and outside of dark blue album rear cover.

L V Rosser in Lancaster cockpit 1981
Top left - view from behind of a man in civilian clothes sitting in the pilots seat in the cockpit of a Lancaster.
Bottom left - note stating that in 1981, allowed to sit in pilot's seat of Lancaster in the museum at Hendon, his daughter was allowed…

Lewis Victor Rosser
Left - newspaper cutting - Oxford man's DFC. Concerns award of medal to ex Flight Lieutenant Lewis Victor Rosser in connection with sinking of Admiral Scheer. Gives review of citation and some background details. Includes full face b/w…

Bad Oldesloe
Target photograph showing roads with houses and fields and large amount of smoke in the centre. Captioned '3946 WIT 24.4.45//7" 8000 340 1043, Bad Oldesloe, 10ANM590T.2 ANM64DT.C32 secs F/O Rosser 115'. Underneath 'Bad Oldesloe, 115 Sqdns last raid'.

Crew and Lancaster
Seven aircrew wearing flying clothes, lifejackets and parachute harness standing in line in front of a Lancaster with 90 bomb symbols below cockpit.

Crew and Lancaster
Seven aircrew wearing flying clothing, lifejackets and parachute harness, carrying parachutes, all walking in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'F/O Halloran [O'Halloran] and crew, "Lucky Luxton flew with this crew on trip to Merseburg 4/4/45, all were…

Lancaster and list of operations
Top centre - rear quarter view of an airborne Lancaster with squadron letters 'KO-B' Captioned 'Blighty Bound, Bari' (Operation Dodge). Text lists 18 targets/operations, nine either side.

Airmen in Bari
Top right - three airmen wearing khaki uniform and peaked caps standing in a street. Captioned 'In stinking southern Italy, Bari'.
Bottom right - two airmen wearing khaki uniform (right hand man has pilot's brevet) leaning on a metal railing by a…

Distant view from rear quarter of a Lancaster on runway with engines running. Two other Lancasters in the far distance. Captioned 'Landing'.

Rear quarter view of a Lancaster with engines running on a runway. Another aircraft is in the air. Captioned 'Take Off'.

Flying Officer Halloran and Flying Officer Keddilty
Half length image of two aircrew, both wearing battledress and peaked caps and holding tea mugs, Man on the left wears a unbuttoned lifejacket. Captioned on left 'F/O Halloran [O'Halloran], killed 4/4/45 Mersburg [sic]'. Captioned right 'F/O…

Drinking rum and tea after an operation
In the foreground left, three aircrew wearing flying suits and parachute harness all holding tea mugs. On the centre right an airman wearing battledress with half brevet holding a mug and on the right a Women's Auxiliary Air force officer holding a…

Engineer, mid-upper gunner, and rear gunner
Left - full length image of an airmen wearing lifejacket and parachute harness standing by the main undercarriage of a bomber. Captioned '"Squidge" Beaman, engineer'.
Centre - full length image of an airman wearing flying suit, lifejacket and…

Airman, pilot and bomb aimer
Left - full length image of an airman wearing flying helmet, boots, lifejacket and parachute harness standing by the main undercarriage of a bomber. Captioned 'Joe Gildea, bomb aimer'.
Centre - view from rear of an airman looking out of the port…

More news of Oxford prisoners
Newspaper cutting with full face b/w photograph stating that the wife of Corporal William A Franklin RAF had a cablegram to say he was safe in Melbourne.

Top left - faces of ten airmen crowded together in a group. Captioned 'a little later'. Bottom left - full length image of an airman wearing tunic and side cap with foliage in the background. Captioned 'Brother Art'. Right - full length image of an…

Top left - six airmen wearing battledress sitting on top of the starboard inner engine of a bomber.
Top right - seven aircrew wearing battledress sitting and lying on grass with side view of part of Lancaster in the background.
Bottom left - ten…

Aircraft and aircrew
Top left - six aircrew wearing battledress seated on the wing and outboard starboard engine of a bomber.
Top right - view from the rear of aircraft of six airmen standing on the port wing of a Lancaster. Two other Lancasters parked in the…

Left - six airmen wearing battledress and one airwoman lying, sitting and kneeling on grass in two rows with a Lancaster in the background. Captioned 'Some of the crew with the lorry driver'.
Right - four airmen carrying a fifth outside a hut.…

Newspaper cutting and airmen
Left -newspaper cutting - Tait dropped the bombs. Includes full face b/w image and gives account of operations flown by Wing Commander James Bryan Tate DSO and 2 bars DFC. Noted that his squadron was formed by Gibson to burst German dams. Top right -…

Left - view from behind of an airman wearing flying helmet looking back from the left hand seat in bomber cockpit. Captioned 'Skip'.
Centre - three-quarter length image of a pilot wearing tunic and side cap standing by a wall with trees in the…

Top left - b/w photograph of a woman sitting on grass with dog in front of her. Captioned 'Mrs Derrnocly'.
Top middle - three-quarter length b/w photograph of an airman wearing tunic with half brevet standing in a room. Captioned 'F/O Jim Derrnocly…

Percy Pickard, Alan Broadley, and F Parsons
Left - long newspaper cutting with eulogising story of Group Captain Percy Pickard and Flight Lieutenant Alan Broadley who after 100 sorties together were now missing. Noted that they were in the film 'Target for Tonight' and gives considerable…

Bill for broken windows
Bill for renewing two broken panes of obscure glass to door panel in N.C.O. Hut No 4 Site, RAF Edgehill (RAF Shenington). Made out to Warrant Officers Smith and Rosser. Annotated payment received 20 April 1944.

W A Franklin, Cyril Andrews, and J F R Read
Top left - newspaper cutting with b/w full face photograph concerning Corporal W A Franklin whose wife had received first communication from him since fall of Java.
Bottom left - newspaper cutting with head and shoulders b/w photograph announcing…
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