Letter to Reg Wilson's Family



Letter to Reg Wilson's Family


Reg has still not received mail from his family. The letter from the Herons has cheered him up. He has been studying and attending shows.




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[underlined] 4th July ’44 [/underlined]

Dear Mum, Dad & Fmly, [sic] Well I must admit I’m at a loss to know what to say this time as I’m still waiting for your first letters. I suppose another delay has occurred owing to recent developments, but I’m very thankful for those two letters I received from Mr & Mrs Heron just over a fortnight ago. These gave a little news about you and Pat, I know that you got my first card and letter OK. I cannot express how this news relieved my feelings, it was like a light in the darkness – that sounds good doesn’t it? but it certainly expresses something I what I felt. I’m sure other letters will turn up soon, so I’m not worrying at all. Things here are quite normal and the weeks pass fairly quickly. The weather is very warm now though sometimes overcast. So we can keep outside [inserted] the huts [/inserted] and exercise what freedom we have, within the bounds of the camp. There is always some outdoor activity to keep us occupied, and I keep mentally occupied with a class or two. I’ve just finished couple of terminal exams in Maths and Wireless, they do not count for anything, but they give you something to work for & occupy your time. Entertainments are doing well here. We have a new show “The Man who [inserted] came [/inserted] to Dinner” which I shall see this week, I understand it is really good. Do remember seeing it with me at the Savoy Theatre last year, different circumstances now worse luck but I shall enjoy it much more. One thing this life teaches you, that is to appreciate things more for when I get back home, which I am certain will be very soon. Cheerio, remember me to Pat & love to all.

[underlined] Reg [/underlined]


Reg Wilson, “Letter to Reg Wilson's Family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 12, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35903.

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