Ronald Boone operations on 35 Squadron



Ronald Boone operations on 35 Squadron
Ronnie Boone's flying operations


Details of six operations carried in Halifax on 35 Squadron at Royal Air Force Graveley in May and early June 1943. Targets include Bochum, Essen, Wuppertal and Munster. States that notes were taken from the National Records Office London.

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[inserted] RGS - 1331310 [/inserted]
[underlined] RONNIE BOONES FLYING MISSIONS[/underlined]


[underlined]FILM - AIR 27. 380-381.

35 SQUADRON.[/underlined]

Posted to 35 Squadron at [underlined] POOLINGTON [/underlined] with effect from 7th May 1943, from 77 Squadron.

[underlined] MAY 1943. [/UNDERLINED]

Left base 0.26
Landed back 4.52

02.37 16000ft height heading 180 N. 15 x 90 X 4lb incendiary devices dropped.
Weather - nil cloud, slight haze on ground. Bombing appeared to be undershooting to North. Lots of fires started near red target - start of good show.

[underlined] 13/14 May 1943. [/underlined]

Raid carried out from [underlined] GRAVELEY [/underlined] against [underlined] BOCHUM [/underlined]

Left base 23.53 hrs
Landed back 04.54 hrs

2.09&1/2hrs 16000ft heading 140 west.
1260 x 4lb incendiary bombs and 90 x 4lb type X incendiaries dropped.
Weather -clear, red target in bomb site, well grouped. Good fires and black smoke seen as aircraft left target.

[page break]

[underlined] 23/24 May [/underlined]

Main Force
left base 23.38hrs
Landed back 0.45 hrs

01.43&1/2 hrs height 16000ft heading 029
11 x 500 MC and 1 x 1000 GP
Dropped on green target, 8/10 cloud up to 16/18000 ft, much haze and smoke below. Many incendiaries seen scattered over wide area mostly undershot to south. 1 x 200HC jettisoned safe in sea at 5210 N, 0200 E at 4.07am, height 4500 ft as hung over target

[underlined] 27/28 May [/underlined]

Main Force. [underlined] GRAVESLY [sic][/underlined] === [underlined] ESSEN [/underlined]

Left base 22.53 hrs
Landed back 03.52 hrs

01.25 hrs height 16000ft heading 190 N
2 x 1000lb GP target, 12 x 500lb MC bombs dropped with red, green and white sky markers, 5-8/10ths cloud with tops, 10/12000ft misty on ground, targets identified by sky markers. 1st sky marker seen ahead at 1.11&1/2hrs, others followed at intervals and made approach to target easy. Many explosions seen at time of bombing. Everything seemed concentrating and spread slightly to N.E. In the middle of area, 1 particular yellow flare at 01.23 hrs - looked like ammo dump going up.

[page break]

[underlined] 29/30 MAY. [/underlined]

Fire Raiser. [underlined] GRAVESLEY [/underlined] === [underlined] WUPPERTAL [/underlined]

Left base 22.35
Landed back 03.22

Time 01.02 hrs, height 17500ft heading 030 N.
1 x 2000lb HC and 1164 x 4lb incendiaries dropped. Ground haze and smoke but no cloud. 00.49.9 hours, 1st red target indicators seen from distance, many explosions and very good fires with smoke coming up in pillar and drifting across town.

[underlined] 11th JUNE [/underlined]

16 aircraft took off to attack [underlined] MUNSTER [/underlined]. 2 failing to return, Captains HOWE and HERBERT. 4 aircraft returned early due to icing conditions but remainder carried on and successful attacks. 3 aircraft set out to attack [underlined] DUSSELDORF, [/underlined] 2 attacked target but 3rd forced to jettison when attacked before reaching objective by 2 fighters, both were gunned down by Rear Gunner



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