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Boone, Ronald
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The collection concerns Ronald Henry Boone (1331310, Royal Air Force). It includes five photographs, his personnel record and a record of his operations. Ronald Boone was an air gunner and flew operations with 77 Squadron at Royal Air Force Elvington and then 35 Squadron from RAF Graveley. He was killed when his Halifax was shot down by a night fighter on an operation to Münster 11/12 June 1943.

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Boone, R

Collection Items

Ronald Boone operations on 35 Squadron
Details of six operations carried in Halifax on 35 Squadron at Royal Air Force Graveley in May and early June 1943. Targets include Bochum, Essen, Wuppertal and Munster. States that notes were taken from the National Records Office London.

Ronald Boone operations on 77 Squadron
Details of nine operations carried out between February and May 1943 from RAF Elvington on 77 Squadron flying Halifax. Targets include Cologne, Berlin and several in the Ruhr.

20 Airmen
20 Airmen in four rows all in uniform and side caps. Front row squatting, second sitting and the rear two standing. Ronald Boone is standing on the far right of the back row. In the background part of a wooden building. On the reverse 'This is our…

Ronald Boone and sisters
Ronald Boone in uniform flanked either side by his two sisters. In the background tall garden shrubs and house roofs. On the reverse 'Irene, Ronald, Ruby Boone'.

Ronald Boone
Full length portrait of Ronald Boone in uniform tunic wearing side hat. His right hand is resting on a large stone garden ornament. In the background a lattice fence.

Ronald Boone
Full length portrait of Ronald Boone in uniform with air gunners brevet and sergeant stripes wearing side cap. In the background shallow steps. Submitted with caption; 'Ronnie with his stripes'.

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Ronald Boone and Family
Family portrait of Ronald Boone with his mother, father and two sisters. Mother and father are seated in front in civilian clothes. Behind, Ronald Boone is standing in uniform with air gunners brevet and sergeants stripes, flanked by his two sisters.…

Ronald Henry Boone's personnel record
Official record of personal details of Ronald Henry Boone. Noted that he was discharged - killed in action on 12 June 1943 with a total length of service of two years and 163 days. On the reverse details of postings.
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