Letter to Reg Wilson's Father from the Father of his Pilot



Letter to Reg Wilson's Father from the Father of his Pilot


The father of the pilot writes to help sharing news with the other crew members' families.




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Crossing House
Nr Craven Arms

6’’ [sic] Feby [sic] [underlined] 1944 [/underlined]

Dear Mr Wilson.

My Son was Pilot of the Halifax, of which your son was Navigator & we are with you now sharing the anxiety of the result of “reported missing”. I am contacting each family of the crew, so that if any news should come though [sic] of either of them it can be known to all of us. My wife & I know full well of the possibilities against any good news being received but we are full of hope that our sadness will eventually be turned to gladness. Our Son, George, was an experienced Pilot, & was making his 32nd raid, having during that time been to Berlin several times. He had told us he had got a splendid crew, & had great faith in them. He had always piloted a Halifax & although

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he had been offered the opportunity to change he would not do so, because he considered the Halifax was a grand plane & he had tremendous faith in himself to handle one in any emergency. He was 21 years of age & had been in the R.A.F. a little over 3 years. I am quite certain that as Captain of the plane George would first think of the safety of his crew & it may be that at least some of them are safe & I would like you to let us know if you get news about your son. In the meantime let us take heart, not allowing ourselves to be weighed down too much by the bitter blow we have received, & let us face the situation as our dear Son’s [sic] would wish, let us meet it as they will meet us if they return, with a smile.

Yours sincerely,



E Griffiths, “Letter to Reg Wilson's Father from the Father of his Pilot,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35637.

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