Aircraft losses, accidents



Aircraft losses, accidents


List of Halifax, Wellington and Mosquito aircraft lost from 192 and 462 Squadrons from December 1943 to April 1945. Gives aircraft registration, date, description of incident, some with captain named.

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HALIFAX. 192 Squadron. [/underlined]

LW626 27 Mar 44, Ditched off Cromer, Pilot P/O Melville, Five bodies found.
LK780 6 Apr 44, Crashed on take off Foulsham, F/S Hicken, crew unhurt.
LW622 24/25 Apr 44, Missing on ops to Karlsrure, [sic] F/O C.W. Crowdy.
MZ564? 27/28 Apr 44, Landed on top of Mosquito on runway no casualties.
MZ570 3/4 May 44, Failed to return ops Troyes, F/S Gibson.
MZ501 24/25 May 44, Failed to return ops Aachen, F/S Hicken.
LW621 4/5 Jul 44, Failed to return SOE ops Paris, F/S Thompson.
MZ638 12 Jul 44, Overshoot crashed Foulsham making 3 eng landing crew OK.
MZ795 18 Nov 44, Crashed Gt Ryburgh caught fire on ret from op crew safe.
MZ806 21/22 Nov 44, Failed to return ops to Aschaffenburg, W/O Harrison.
MZ717 30 Nov 44, Belly landed Manston on 3 eng, F/O Irvine, Repaired.
MZ817 9 Dec 44, Crashed on take off Foulsham, F/O Irvine, crew unhurt.
MZ449 23/24 Feb 45, Failed to return ops to Pforzheim.
NA241 23/24 Feb 45, “ “ “ “ .
MZ342 8/9 Feb 45, Mid air collision with Lanc off Denmark, F/S Butler.
MZ852 12 Feb 45, Crashed into gliders when making 2 eng landing at Greenham Common, P/O Worrad, 2 slight inj,
LV955 4 Mar 45, Attacked by German intruder on return from ops near Foulsham crash landed and caught fire at Fulmodeston Pilot F/O Roberts and Sgt Sutcliffe both badly injured survived the crash.
NR180 6 Mar 45, Failed to return from ops to Chemnitz, F/Lt Irvine.
MZ932 7 Mar 45, Dam by fighter attacks Crash land Rosieres Mosells 1 inj.
LW623 12/13 Aug 44, Flak dam return on 3 eng land W Raynham, F/O Sanders.
LK782 12/13 Aug 44, Dam flak and 3 JU88 3 crew inj W/O Walsh, Ret base.

[underlined] 462 Squadron. [/underlined]

MZ447 24/25 Feb 45, Failed to return ops to Rhur, F/Lt Rate.
MZ448 “ “ “ “ “ , F/Lt Ridgell?,
MZ461 “ “ “ “ “ , F/O Ely.
PN429 “ “ “ “ “ , W/O Oliver.
MZ469 6 Jan 45, Failed to return ops Germany, P/O Rohrlach.
MZ370 8/9 Mar 45, “ “ “ Dortmund, F/Lt James.
NA240 10/11 Apr 45, “ “ “ Leipzig, P/O Ball.
MZ467 16/17 Apr 45, “ “ “ Augsburg, F/O Lodder.
RG384 13 Mar 45, Flak dam ops Frankfurt, Emg landing France, P/O Paltridge.
RG432 14 Apr 45, Dam on ops forced landing airstrip Liege F/O Anderson.
LL598 14 Jan 45, Engine fire crashed nr Letton Hall Nflk, P/O Astell.
MZ402 11 Feb 45, Crashed on landing Foulsham.
MZ479 7 Feb 45, Crash landed eng fire Hethel ret from ops.
NR284 17 Apr 45, Forced landed in field Beetley Nflk Two engs fire.

[underlined] WELLINGTON. 192 Squadron. [/underlined]

HE233 19 Mar 44, X, Missing on ops, Sgt Ford.
- - - 2 Dec 43, E, Overshoot on landing Fourlsham dam crew OK, F/O Roach.
- - - 4 Jul 44, A, Forced landed in cornfield Wood Norton, crew unhurt.
- - - 16 Aug 44, -, Crashed on landing Foulsham caught fire one injury.
LP345? 10 Nov 44, G, Belly landed Foulsham, Pilot Heathcote.

[underlined] MOSQUITO. 192 Squadron. [/underlined]

DZ377 27/28 Apr 44, When landing Foulsham Halifax landed on top of it.
DK327 28 Jun 44, Attacked by another Mosquito over France seriously damaged crash landed Friston on return.
DZ535 23 Sep 44, Single eng belly landing Craymere Briston Nflk, Pilot F/Lt Clark, Nav F/O Dobson both injured released from aircraft by local housewife with carving knife.
DZ292 26/27 Nov 44, Failed to return from ops, P/O Fisher, F/Lt Vinnell.
DZ405 27 Aug 44, “ “ “ “ , W/O Pearn, F/S Foster.


“Aircraft losses, accidents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024,

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