Part of letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother



Part of letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother


Speculates on future employment when finished navigator training in Canada. Describes flying activity and that he was hoping to get to New York on next 48 hour pass but it was too far. Describes social activities.



Three page handwritten letter


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to attend my graduation – Mrs Ashton said, that she would take your place, for she feels sure you would love to be there for this occasion.

Only another nine weeks to go, and then I wonder what I shall undertake, this depends on the vacancies – Instructor, Coastal Command, Ferry Command or back home to train for Ops. I am hoping to get on Ferry Command or I wouldn’t mind Instructor if I could instruct in England, but we shall see at the end of the course.

At present, we have been flying practically daily, different exercises each trip, yesterday we had a spot of Coastal Command work, flying over Lake Ontario into

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the States, then back again, very interesting, but kept working during the whole trip. Tonight we shall be on a trip using the stars to plot our position and alter course accordingly to find our destination, it gets more complicated each trip, but essential to make good Navigators.

We shall be flying again this week-end so will be glad of the rest during my 48 the following week, was hoping to get down to New York again but the distance is too far to travel in this time, over 500 miles away. It’s a pity you can’t get petrol at home, for you deserve a good holiday after all the work you have put in lately. It has been cut here quite a

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bit, but one of my mates at camp has a car and we still get around. When we have a spare evening we generally drive out to a dance in the village, for it’s a few miles away from camp.

It will be good to get home, and pop up to the Club, to see my old friends, I am glad Alec & Scotter called on you, [deleted] so [/deleted] hope to see Alec before he starts out on the high seas.

Well, mum, thats [sic] about all the news for now, all my best to Dennis and Bill, will write again soon

All my love
Reg xxxxx

To Evelyn.


“Part of letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 18, 2024,

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