Weeden, Reginald Charles


Weeden, Reginald Charles
R C Weeden


89 items. The collection concerns Reginald Charles Weeden (b. 1922, 1602823, 153661 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, letters, documents, badges, medal ribbons and photographs. He flew operations as a navigator with 75 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Scott Weeden and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Weeden, RC

Collection Items

35 Squadron Lancaster  over London
Top front quarter view of Lancaster TW892 with white upper paintwork, squadron code 'TL-L' flying over Regent Street, London.

Identification kindly provided by Liam Moore of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group.

Five 35 Squadron Lancaster airborne
Five Lancasters one ahead, three in line and one in rear, in formation flying over a town. Squadron identification 'TL'.

Three Lancasters in formation over Fairlop, Ilford, Essex
Three Lancasters (leader registration 'TW878') airborne in echelon formation. Below is a town and open countryside

Young man
Full face portrait of a young man wearing jacket and tie. submitted with caption 'Young Reg'.

Reg Weeden
Head and shoulders portrait of an officer wearing tunic with medal ribbons and navigator brevet. Submitted with caption 'Reg Unknown Date - with Service Ribbons'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better…

Two RAF officers
Two officers wearing greatcoats and peaked caps standing in front of a stone wall with house in the distance, Submitted with caption 'Reg England Unknown Date'.

Bomber Command Clasp
Bomber Command Clasp on 1939–1945 Star ribbon

75 Squadron crest
Coloured 75 (New Zealand) Squadron Crest with Maori figure and moto 'ake ake kia kaha'.

35 Squadron badge and observer brevet
Two 35 Squadron crest badges with winged horse and moto 'uno animo agimus' and an observer brevet. Submiited with caption 'Crests - 35 Sdn. Bomber Command - postwar posting'.

Navigator brevet and decoration ribbons
Cloth navigator brevet and ribbons for the 1939–1945 Star and the defence medal mounted in frame.

Newspaper cutting - 'Two Stuttgart raids in a night' and 'RAF pound Flushing'
Two articles. First gives brief description of two operations against Stuttgart 41/2 hours apart. Second describes attacks against German gun positions near Flushing as well as German HQ on low countries front.

Newspaper cutting - Leuna oil left 'mass of flame'
Article describing attack on Leuna synthetic oil plant and subsequent nights operations on three other targets. This was the fourth successive night attacks by the RAF on Germany.

Newspaper cutting - enemy base towns bombed and RAF batter town full of troops
Two articles. Both provide brief descriptions of RAF attack on Bonn.

Newspaper cutting - Reich arms centre ore fired
Article describing attacks on German war supplies, rail centres and synthetic oil plants some of which were within 100 miles of allied front line. More that 1000, United States heavy bombers involved. RAF Bomber Command Lancasters involved in…

Cover letter for award
Letter from under-secretary of state for defence covering enclosed awards granted for service during war of 1939-45 for Flight Lieutenant R C Weeden.

75 (NZ) Squadron battle order
Battle order for 9/10 September 1944. List aircraft and crews for operations as well as duty personnel

Letter from Reginald Weeden to Bill Cartwright
Exchanges family gossip about Bill's work and writes about trying to find jackets suitable for driving lorries.

Letter from Reginald Weeden to Bill Cartwright
Writes that he had been so busy he had little time to write letters and catch up with all his mail. Asks after Bill's work and comments on petrol rationing in Canada. Mentions although it was expensive to travel by train but he was seeing plenty of…

Letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother
Explains about 'O' and 'N' brevets, both were for navigator but the second was a new badge and had not arrived in Canada yet. He writes that he could be home in a month as some of them were getting posted back to England, and he could be one. Says he…

Letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother
Comments that mail was taking a log time to get across. Writes they were now stuck in camp until their five days Christmas leave and their December 48 hour passes had been stopped. Was hoping to get to Toronto next Sunday. Writes about getting a…

Letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother
Mentions that he had a letter from his Canadian friends who told him that she had written to them and tanked her. Mentions he will be going to see them on his next 48 hour pass. Writes that he is getting five days leave for Christmas and they would…

Letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother
Reports that mail situation was poor and he had not received any letters lately. Wished that he could have come home and seen them rather than staying in Canada. Writes that things were much the same there, flying, lectures and other duties. Mentions…

Letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother
Mentions that her letters were probably being held up by censor. Writes he was enjoying the privileges of rank but was not too keen on his course. Sorry that he was not able to come home to see them all. Asks her to let him know if they want anything…

Letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother
Writes he was settling into his new life and that his new course would last 14 weeks and would include lecturing. Says he had a good time in New York before returning to Toronto. Spend the remainder of leave with Canadian friends. Currently billeted…

Letter from Reginald Weeden to his mother
Writes that he is thrilled with his promotion and although he would have loved to come home, was sure she would be happy that he was staying in Canada. Says he is on leave and spending time with Canadian friends. Wished she could have been at…
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