Adder, Mervyn


Adder, Mervyn
M Adder


88 items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer Mervyn Adder (1922 - 1944, 175073 Royal Air Force) and contains his diaries, correspondence and photographs. He flew operations as a navigator with 44 Squadron and was killed 15 March 1944.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Mary Sprakes and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Adder, M

Collection Items

Mervyn Adder diary 1943
Daily entries for activities in 1943. Covers, films seen, weather, training and exams, leaves, training at Bridgnorth, medical issues, war news. Posted to RAF Millom, mentions activities, leave, aircrew flying training, navigation training routes,…

Mervyn Adder diary 1941 and 1942
Day by day description of events and activities for 1941 and 1942. Records films seen, war news including RAF operations, football matches played, weather, going to cadets, air raids, dates with Mary, social events, meeting friends, fire watching…

Mervyn Adder diary 1940
Day by day description of activities for 1940. Mentions sport, air battles and air raids, war news, weather, social life, RAF and navy operations. going to cadets, films seen, Morse and navigation lessons, battle of France, playing football and…

Two boys
Two boys wearing shorts and jackets sitting side by side on top of a ridge. On the reverse 'Alex and Mervyn Adder (younger right)'.

Team chart
Team chart for match with names in positions.

Album rear cover
White cover

Notes in RAF writing pad
Notes on history of use of aircraft mentioning mail, locating shoals of herring, air surveys, air taxi services, air ambulance,. Mentions routes taken by cargo boats. Experiments with small planes in Iceland. Mentions strategic importance of Iceland,…

Note accompanying photographs of cross marking grave
From under secretary of state for air to Mr A Adder forwarding photographs of cross marking grave of 175073 Pilot Officer Mervyn Adder.

Leaflet from Imperial War Graves Commission
Artwork drawing and description of imperial war graves commission headstones. Stamped 'Specimen Olny'.

Letter to Mervyn Adder's father from the Air Ministry
Informs him that no further information about the reported death of his son had been received and in view of report from red cross as well as lapse in time, it was now presumed that his son had lost his life on 15 March 1944.

Letter to Mervyn Adder's parents from Kingston upon Hull County Court
Conveying Lord Chancellor's departments sympathy and hope that favourable news would soon be forthcoming.

Letter to Mervyn Adder's father from the Air Ministry
Informs him that his son who has been missing since night 15/16 March 1944 had been appointed to a commission in the RAF in the rank of pilot officer.

Letter to Mervyn Adder's father from effects officer
From officer detailed to supervise the collection of his son's personal belongings advising actions taken to safeguard effects. Effects dispatch to central depository RAF Colnbrook.

Letter to Mervyn Adder's father from OC 44 Squadron
Writes informing him that his son was missing as a result of air operations on 15/16 March 1944. Mentions that it takes time to get news of prisoners. Mentions that Mervyn Adder had completed fourteen operational flights and was held in high esteem…

Five aircrew
Five airmen wearing battledress or tunic with brevet and side caps, standing in line underneath a bomber.

M Adder grave and telegram
Top - photograph of grave with white cross with name 'P.O M Adder RAF, 15.3.44'. Surrounded by similar crosses with trees in the background.
Bottom - telegram to Mervyn Adder's father informing him that his son was missing as a result of air…

Note on crew
Mentions tracing the crew who were all buried together. Did not find pilot, so assumed survived the war. Pilot survived because he happened to be wearing a parachute.

Mervyn Adder
Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant airman wearing tunic with navigator brevet.

Note about poem
Note about a poem written by Mervyn's fiancé Mary and a note written by Mervyn's sister Edith. Neither document in collection.

Mervyn Adder's fiancé Mary Bootyman
Top - head and shoulders portrait of a woman wearing dress and necklace. Captioned 'Mervyn's finaceé [sic], Mary Bootyman, later Pearce. She married but often wore Mervyn's ring.
Bottom - newspaper cutting announcing engagement between Mary and…

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic and side cap.

Seven aircrew
Seven aircrew in and around the door of a Lancaster. All are wearing flying clothing.

Five airmen in front of Lancaster
Five airmen wearing battledress or tunics with brevet and side caps standing arm in arm in a line in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Gerard "Jerry" Bomb Aimer, Ron "Jonnie" W.O.P., Arthur pilot, Self, Dennis flight engineer', March 1943 Winthorpe'.

Letter from Mervyn Adder to his family
Letter and explanatory note. Reports arrival of family mail. mentions operations to Augsburg and Schweinfurt getting good photographs of the latter. Mentions an electrics failure on return from Augsburg and had to divert to airfield on the south…

Letter from Mervyn Adder to his father
Letter and explanatory note. Catches up with news of father's activities. Mentions he had done quite a few operations recently including Augsburg, Schweinfurt and Stuttgart. Writes that they had to divert to a fighter base on the south coast and had…
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