Mailly-le-Camp and aircrew



Mailly-le-Camp and aircrew


Top - target photograph showing fields on the left and a built up area with rows of buildings on the right. There is a four engine bomber below bottom left. Captioned '529 METH. 3/4.5.44//NT 8" 6,500' 219 degrees 00.17, MAILY.Rd.F 1x4000HC 16x500MC. 16 sec. F/SGT FOX F/106'. Submitted with description 'Target photo of Mailly-le-Camp military depot on 3-4/05/1944. The pilot was F/Sgt E C Fox, flying Lancaster ND511 ZN-N. Note the Lancaster at a lower height, left centre of the image'.
Bottom - seven aircrew, three sitting in front and four standing behind. All are wearing tunics with brevet and side or peaked caps. In the background are huts. Submitted with description 'Photograph of seven aircrew in uniform, seated and standing outdoors; date unknown but location is believed to be RAF Metheringham. The photo is annotated "F/Lt McIntyre's 'Hot Shots' ". The crew members have signed the photograph but although the majority of the signatures are not legible it appears that name of the pilot (seated centre) is Peter McIntyre, who joined 106 Sqn in January 1945, transferring away in May 1945'



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Two b/w photographs mounted on an album page

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