RAF Metheringham collection


RAF Metheringham collection


131 items. The collection is from the Royal Air Force Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre and contains photographs of aircraft, aircrew, other RAF personnel and places. Includes some target and reconnaissance photographs. Many items are concerned with 106 Squadron at RAF Metheringham and RAF Syerston.

The collection has been licensed to the IBCC Digital Archive by the RAF Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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This content is property of the Royal Air Force Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre which has kindly granted the International Bomber Command Centre Digital Archive a royalty-free permission to publish it. Please note that it was digitised by a third-party which used technical specifications that may differ from those used by International Bomber Command Centre Digital Archive. It has been published here ‘as is’ and may contain inaccuracies or culturally inappropriate references that do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the University of Lincoln or the International Bomber Command Centre.



Collection Items

Crashed aircraft
Remains of a crashed aircraft in open ground with two men looking at wreckage on the right, Submitted with description 'Photograph of crashed Hampden. Location and date unrecorded'.

Side view of a Meteor airborne, flying to the right with ground below. Submitted with description 'Meteor flying at low level. Location and date unrecorded'.

Meteor Landing
Side view of a Meteor with undercarriage down just above runway with trees in the background. Submitted with description 'Meteor landing. Location and date unrecorded'.

Formation of Maryland aircraft
Air-to-air view from above of a large formation of Maryland aircraft with clouds below. Submitted with description 'Air-to-air view of RAF Maryland aircraft. Location and date unrecorded'.

Vallo-Taneberg oil refinery
Reconnaissance photograph of an oil refinery on a peninsular with large plume of smoke from damaged oil tanks upper right area. Oslofjord is to the left with Prinds Christians Batterie just visible on the edge top left. Explanatory note underneath…

Coastal rocket attack
Explosions and smoke on middle right. Coast with town in distance. Aircraft top left and right in the distance. Submitted with description 'Gun camera photo of coastal rocket attack on a ship, Beaufighters shown left and right at top of photo'.

Maritime rocket attack
Smoke trails bottom middle to centre leading to water splashes and smoke. Beaufighter top centre. Captioned 'Attack by Mosquito'. Submitted with description 'Gun camera photo of maritime rocket attack, a Beaufighter seen at extreme top of photo.…

Mosquito landing and target photographs
Top - a runway with FIDO aflame on edges. A Mosquito is landing on left side. Submitted with description 'Mosquito landing with the aid of FIDO. Date and location not recorded'.
Bottom - side by side target photographs of port area showing aiming…

Krupps, Essen
Oblique aerial photograph of an industrial site with most buildings destroyed and many without roofs. Road runs through from bottom left corner to top centre. Tall chimney top right and building with several small chimneys top left. Captioned 'Krupps…

Rocket attack
Oblique aerial photograph showing a built up area on bottom half and open countryside above. Rocket trails from top left to centre. Submitted with description 'Target photo of rocket attack on an unidentified group of buildings. The handwritten…

Nienburg Bridge after attack by 617 Sqn with Tallboys and Grand Slams
Reconnaissance photograph showing a river running top to bottom and a bridge crossing in the middle with several spans down. There are many craters on both sides of the river. Explanatory note 'NIENBURG BRIDGE over the river Weser after the attack by…

Wesel Bomb damage
Oblique aerial photograph of a town totally destroyed. Large structure lower left, probably church. Submitted with description 'Oblique aerial photo showing bomb damage to an unidentified urban area'.

Leuna synthetic oil plant
Side by side reconnaissance photographs showing an industrial area with buildings, roads and towards the right, some railway sidings. This industrial area is orientated from lower left to top right. Chimney smoke is seen on the left hand photograph.…

Aerial photograph with a Lancaster
Vertical aerial photograph showing explosions and smoke coming up from what seems to be a power station or oil storage facility. There are two round towers or tanks partially visible through the smoke and the plant is surrounded by bomb-cratered open…

Zeitz Braunkohle-Benzin synthetic oil plant
Vertical aerial photographs showing on the left an industrial area with roads and buildings and on the right the same area with most of the structures destroyed. Explanatory text underneath 'Zeitz. The left hand photograph shows this synthetic oil…

Left and right - side by side reconnaissance photographs showing the centre of the town of Bocholt with river Bocholter Aa flowing top to bottom with two distinctive bow’s to the right towards the top of the photograph. The large road crossing…

Flight engineer and Kembs dam
Left - full face portrait of an airman wearing tunic with flight engineer brevet. Submitted with description 'Full-face photo of unidentified flight engineer'. Right - reconnaissance photograph with text description of the Kembs dam across the Grand…

Destroyed industrial workshop
Workshop with twisted metal framework remains. A man in uniform standing bottom centre. Captioned 'Krupps'. Submitted with description 'Photo of damaged Krupps factory with an unidentified man in military uniform in the foreground'.

Norman Jackson VC
Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with flight engineer brevet. Captioned 'Norman Jackson VC'. Submitted with description 'Photo of Sgt Norman Jackson VC, 106 Sqn'.

Two veterans and a pilot in Hurricane cockpit
Top - head and shoulders image of two men wearing civilian jacket and tie with a hedge behind. Submitted with description 'Post-war colour print of Des Richards, Chairman of the 106 Sqn Association, and F/Lt David Shannon DSO*, DFC* of 106 and 617…

Airman with woman and memorial service
Top - an airman wearing tunic and side cap with his arm around a woman wearing dress and hat. In the background a window. Submitted with description 'Photo of an RAF airman in service dress with a civilian woman. Identities and location…

Inside a damaged workshop
Inside view of workshop with damaged machinery and structure. Submitted with description 'Air Ministry photo No. CL 2387. First pictures taken inside Krupps. Interior views of the devastated Krupps Works at Essen, the big gun factory. Taken on 11 Apr…

Three airmen
Three airmen, two wearing parachute harnesses, two smoking cigarettes, standing by the starboard tail fin of a bomber aircraft. In the background Nissen huts. Submitted with description 'Photo of 3 airmen standing by a Lancaster. Left to right: ?,…

Airmen on beds and armourers
Top - four airmen, one lying on bed and three sitting on the other side. In the foreground a bed and table with mug. In the background clothes on hangers. Submitted with description '4 RAF airmen relaxing on beds.One of these is stated to be F/Sgt W…

Group of RAF aircrew with two USAAF airmen
Twenty-four men, twenty-two wearing RAF uniform tunics or battledress with some brevets visible and side or peaked caps in three rows. Two USAAF airmen in the back row centre. Submitted with description 'Group photo of RAF aircrew with two USAAF…
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