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Top - target photograph showing fields on the left and a built up area with rows of buildings on the right. There is a four engine bomber below bottom left. Captioned '529 METH. 3/4.5.44//NT 8" 6,500' 219 degrees 00.17, MAILY.Rd.F 1x4000HC 16x500MC.…

Provides results of attacks on Mailly le Camp military depot and tank park 3/4 May, Clerment-Ferrand aircraft factory 29/30 April, Toulouse aircraft assembly works and Montaudran airfield 5/6 April and 1/2 May, Lyon Motor vehicle works 1/2 May,…

Reconnaissance photograph of Munich. Some buildings have been marked and annotated with numbers. The Frauenkirche is visible in the bottom right corner. Captioned '3139 106 W.218 3-5-44 F/36” // 540SQDN→ '.

Pilots flying log book for Ronald Mathers covering the period from 8 May 1942 to 30 September 1944. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Sywell, RAF De Winton, RAF Swift Current, RAF…

Navigator's, air bomber's and air gunner's flying log book for Jack Warner, flight engineer. Covering the period from 2 July 1943 to 28 January 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Topcliffe, RAF Leeming,…

Target photograph of Mailly le Camp. Partially obscured by smoke and dust, no clear detail visible. Captioned '7B', '694 SKELL.3/4.5.44//NT.8" 7000' [arrow] 179° 0033 MAILLY le CAMP.RD.N.1X4000.16X500.17secs.P/O CREED.O.50.'. On the reverse…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 3/4 May 1944. One crew member in each crew is underlined in green. Includes duty personnel and timings. Handwritten notes on bombing.

Three columns showing three bomb loads with tare, petrol, bomb and all up weights.

Target photograph of Mailly-le-Camp. Rural area, centre obscured by smoke, dust and light streaks, field patterns and roads visible. Captioned '7B', '691 SKELL.3/4.5.44//NT.8" 8000' [arrow] 165° 0010 MAILLEY le…

Log book for Sergeant Herbert O'Hara from 7 November 1942 to 9 September 1962. He was stationed with 12 Squadron at RAF Wickenby, where he flew Lancasters as navigator. The log book shows 14 night operations over France and Germany, with one to…

Informs Herbert O'Hara's mother that he is missing as a result of air operations on 3/4 May 1944.

States that Herbert O’Hara was missing following an operation against Mailly-Le-Camp on 3/4 May 1944, and informing her that efforts were being made to ascertain his condition through the International Red Cross.

Vertical aerial photograph of Mailly-le-Camp. Nothing on the image is very clear, on the left cloud or smoke. Fields and bomb burst elsewhere. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and '840 WKY 3/4.5.44 // NT 8” 6000’ [arrow] 195° 0036 Mailly-le-Camp X…

Vertical aerial photograph of Mailly-le-Camp. Most of the image is obscured by anti-aircraft fire. Some roads and fields can be seen. Captioned at top right ‘4B 4B’. Captioned along the bottom ‘‘848 WKY 3/4.5.44 // NT 8” 8000’ [arrow]…

Vertical aerial photograph of Mailly-le-Camp. Most of the image is obscured by bombs and smoke. Some roads and the camp can be seen. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and '835 WKY 3/4.5.44 // NT 8” 8000’ [arrow] 208° 0028 Mailly-le-Camp X 1 x 4000…

Vertical aerial photograph of Mailly-le-Camp. All of the image is obscured by bombs and smoke. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and 'WKY 3/4.5.44 // NT 8” 7500’ [arrow] 228° 0028 Mailly-le-Camp X 1 x 4000 16 x 500 17secs P/O Farfan K12’.

Vertical aerial photograph of Mailly-le-Camp. Street patterns are visible but most of the image is obscured. Captioned ‘4B 4B’ and ‘831 WKY 3/4.5.44 // NT 8” 9000’ [arrow] 208° 0030 Mailly-le-Camp P 1 x 4000 16 x 500 17secs P/O…

Ivon Warmington was working for the Post Office in his native Cornwall before he volunteered for the RAF. After pilot training he flew a tour of operations with 166 Squadron from RAF Kirmington. His first operation was to Mailly le Camp where the…

The letter apologises for the delay in sending out the caterpillar club badge to Sergeant George Reid Williamson. The sender encloses the badge with good wishes. Signed on behalf of Leslie Irvin.

The memoir details the events after Sergeant George Reid Williamson baled out of his Lancaster over Chateau-Thierry. After hiding in a wood for a few days, he met a local farmer who took him back to the farmhouse for food and a large overcoat. While…
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