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Debrief questionnaire. Gives personal details of Warrant Officer Thomas McMahon including list of the prisoner of war camps and hospitals he was in as well as his state of health, lectures attended before capture and interrogations after capture.…

A newspaper cutting with the news of George's presumed death.

Bernard Ross’ Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 05 of April 1943 to 22 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as Air Gunner. He was stationed at RAF Penrhos (9 OAFU), RAF Seighford (30 OTU), RAF…

A list of 129 Lancasters lost on 79 operations between September 1943 and April 1945. Target, date and aircraft tail numbers are listed in chronological order.

He responds to comments in Jean's latest letter. He has not been flying because of the weather. His crew mate, Ron is buying a car.

He asks about her cold then writes that the weather has been awful. He looks forward to their next leave.

He thanks her for her letters. He is expecting leave in ten days. His pilot has had an impacted tooth removed so cannot fly for 48 hours. The weather has caused several flights to be cancelled. He has been to the cinema.

Bad weather made them divert to Cornwall then they had engine trouble but got back safely. Jean has knitted him a pair of socks.

He describes his journey back to the camp. His leave has been cancelled until the end of January.

His crew is all fit and they are flying again. He is expecting leave soon.

He describes his train journey back to camp.

An airmen pointing to the words 'sunny Italy' traced in snow on the side of a snow covered Spitfire. On the reverse 'Foggia Main, Jan 45'.


Payslip for Jan 1945.

Cover of book only. Notes not to be taken into the air and designated Secret.

21 airmen arranged in three rows in front of a building. On the reverse each man is named.

Top left - front quarter view of a Halifax parked on snow covered dispersal with bomb trolley in front. Captioned 'Our old "Love" in dispersal - Foulsham, Jan 1945'. Included is enlarged view of this photograph.
Top right - rock formation. Captioned…

Top left - four men, two writing at a desk and two standing behind, all inside a Nissen hut. Submitted with caption 'Nissen hut - Acaster Malbis, 4.3.44'.
Top right - a woman wearing jacket and skirt and holding a coat standing on a beach with…

On account of approaching Russians, Germans planned to move all prisoners of war in the east to the west. Documents gives day by day account of journey of over 200 kilometres on foot in winter weather over 12 days before being taken the rest of the…

Lists stages and dates of forced march from POW camp Stalag Luft VII. Route via Winterveldt, Karlsruhe, Schonfeld, Jenkwitz, Wanzen, Heidersdorf, Pfaffendorf, Stansdorf, Peterwitz, Prausnitz, Goldberg. Eventually by train to Stalag 3A at Luckenwalde.…

Six aircrew in flying equipment posed in front of aircraft left mainwheel, on the reverse. 'Enstone Jan 45 L to R, Mac, Diker, Yours truly, Rus or Joe, Darby, Jock'.
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